Long Range GMRS Radio Solutions

Use GMRS handheld walkie talkie, GMRS repeater, and matching accessories, such as feeder, antenna. Retevis Solutions provide you complete GMRS radio solutions set, you can use it directly. For those who don’t understand much of walkie talkie program, or have no much time to research, GMRS radio solutions set is the Best Choice.

Long Range DMR Radio Solutions

Retevis Solutions supply you with the advanced features and functions you need to build a long-range digital two-way communications solution.

Complete Long Range Radio Solutions

In Complete Long Range Radio Solutions, Retevis Solutions provides you with professional commercial long-distance Radio solutions.

Patrol radio solution

Need Your Own Radio Solutions?

If you can't find a long range walkie-talkie or radio solution that meets your needs, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the most professional service