Professional LTE PoC Radio

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*GPS positioning and tracking

*Single call, group call

*Unlimited talking distance

GPS Function:

GPS positioning, position, motion track, itinerary, at a glance.

Logistics, transportation, rental, catering, driving school, entertainment and other industries right-hand man

PC-side viewing and positioning, real-time mastery of motion trajectory, practical skills for work travel

Single call, group call
Group calls can be set up with multiple groups. People in the same group can directly call the entire group, communicate with all members, and also support communication with a single person.

LED color screen with digital keyboard Control whatever you want.


  • Talk Free:only pay a little fee for one year talk,no require roaming charges
  • PTT one touch communication, strong signal and long continuation talking
  • Unlimited talking distance, cover a whole country
  • Battery power voice prompt
  • Low battery alert
  • Talk Priority Setting
  • Loud voice, high fidelity output
  • Software remote update
  • List quick search
  • PTT Kibitz function
  • Talk Permit Tone
  • 9 quick call keys
  • GPS function

2. Before you order RT51 to use, you should know something below:

  • For the Subscription Management Fees:Pay us 10$ Yearly Subscription fees Per radio, Per year.
  • Buy and insert your own SIM card, T-Mobile or AT&T carrier in the US. For a regular use, 500 MB data plan will be enough.
  • You usually need one cable together with your order,we will send you for free.
  • Package Include:

        1 x RT51 PoC Radio
        1 x Antenna
        1 x Battery
        1 x Adapter
        1 x Charger
        1 x Belt Clip
        1 x Hand Strap
        1 x User Manual

Technical parameters:

Technical indicator

Working voltage


Operation system

Linux system



LTE FDD frequency


Tx frequency:1850~1910MHz Rx frequency:1930~1990MHz


Tx frequency:1710~1755MHz Rx frequency:2110~2155MHz


Tx frequency:824~849MHz Rx frequency:869~894MHz


Tx frequency:698~716MHz Rx frequency:728~746MHz


Tx frequency:704~716MHz Rx frequency:734~746MHz



Tx frequency:1850~1910MHz Rx frequency:1930~1990MHz


Tx frequency:824~849MHz Rx frequency:869~894MHz



External main antenna/GPS antenna built-in


1.77 SPI Color Screen,Resolution:128*160


ZET ME3630 U1C



Rx sensibility


Max.Tx power

23dBm~25dBm@All up bits



Storage temperature


Audio output power

2W@10% distortion


Receiver Type

56-channel u-blox 7 engine GPS/QZSS L1 C/A, GLONASS L1 FDMA SBAS:WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS


Up to 10Hz

Update rate




2.5m CEP 4.0m


2.5m CEP N.A.


Cold start

20S 30S




1S 1S



-161dBm  -158dBm

Cold start

-148dBm  -140dBm

Warm start

-148dBm  -145dBm

Assisted GPS

AssistNow OnlineAssistNow Offline
AssistNow Autonomous OMA SUPL & 3GPP


Built-in(MAX-7Q/7W), the ordinary crystal(MAX-7C)

RTC crystal

Built-in(MAX-7Q/7W) or more cost-effective solution
Current solution

An-ti interference

Active CW detection and removal




Active antenna and passive antenna

Voltage Level

Power consumption

16.5mA@3V(Continuous Mode)
4.5mA@3V(Saving Mode, 1Hz)

Power Supply



N0.1 the SIM card part
1. Question: What are the main operators of public network machines in the United States?
A: At present, the operators of public network machines in the United States are only T-Mobile and AT&T (domestic only telecommunications).
2, Question: whether any card can be used
A: Yes, as long as the US T-Mobile and AT&T cards can be used
3. Question: If you don’t have a card, you can’t use it.
A: Yes.
4. Question: Can I support 2G/3G/4G networks?
A, yes, however, the US 2G/3G has been deactivated, so if it is sold in the US, it will be 4G.
5. Question: Whether the traffic is transmitted or received.
A: Yes, generate traffic: 3kb / sec
Assume that 2 hours of accumulated use in 1 day, use flow = (2 * 60 * 60 * 3) / 1024 = 21.09375M
General users buy card data traffic is recommended 200M to 500M
In addition, traffic is related to the load, and the number of groups is related to the number of contacts. When the bulk is sent, the traffic is calculated cumulatively, that is, the group sends 30 people, and the talk time is 20 seconds, then the traffic is generated = 30*20*3kb=1800kb.
6. Question: Can I talk when there is no network signal?
A: No, the machine displays the broken network search signal.
7. Question: Can I send a text message?
A: Can't

N0.2 Call distance
1. Question: Can you achieve global calls?
A: No, only the same server can talk.
To make a call, the following points must be met: The machine is the same server, the IP address is the same, the machine is in the same group, the APN and other settings are correct.
2. Question: Is there a recording function?
A: Only the voice playback function, that is, only the last call content can be saved. When the call is made again, the previous call will be overwritten, and the background can be saved for 1 month (you need to log in with the local account password, others can't see it)

 NO.3 the background management and costs
1. Question: How to charge the service fee, whether the standard card is shipped
A: 10 US dollars / Taiwan / year, the beginning of the second year service fee collection according to "user registration background time" counted.

 NO.4 mobile APP
1. Question: Is there a matching mobile APP?
A: No, in development, support for Android (public network machine is Linux)

 NO.5 the advantage of the public network machine
1. Relative to the walkie-talkie: unlimited distance
2. Compared with mobile phones: lower cost

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