Hundreds of disasters occur every year in the world, and no country is spared.The occurrence of a disaster may be due to the power of nature, or from human intervention in nature or human behavior. Disasters can be very strong, last a long time, and cover a wide geographical range;What can we do when a disaster strikes?When we think carefully, we will find that we can do very little.
Because we are separated by nature, we are isolated,We need to let others know about our situation.Also need to know the situation of others.More need to know the seriousness of the incident, and the current development.The need for emergency communications came into being.
In fact, people living in rural/mountain/coastal/continental junctions,They are often drinking water/first aid kit/radio/compressed food at home. Has been attacked by natural disasters.

RT97 acts as a mobile mini repeater. RT97 can take advantage of some simple small devices.It is possible to build a temporary relay station.It can reach 10~30km coverage in a favorable position.

The plan is as follows:

RT97 emergency plan

RT97 emergency plan

The entire emergency includes: RT97 repeater, triangle bracket, antenna, feeder, power cord, walkie-talkie, Outdoor UPS Power

Core components


System setup is very simple. Easy to operate. A person can build up in 10 minutes. The equipment used is very small and easy to store. Since it is a universal part, it is very easy to buy. Due to the use of the Retevis RT97, the mini portable repeater. The price of the entire system is also very cheap.