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Why are "modulation" and "mediation" required in radio communications? What are their respective roles?

Radio communication is a communication method that modulates electrical signals such as sound, text, data, and images that need to be transmitted on the radio wave to the other party through space and ground, and uses wireless electromagnetic waves to transmit information in space. "Modulation" and "mediation" are essential steps. This article details the reasons for "modulation" and "mediation" in radio communications and their respective roles.  ...

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What is the role of cloud management center in radio communication solutions?

The role of cloud management system in radio communication is very important. The addition of cloud management system makes the radio communication solution more intelligent and efficient.  ...

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What is maritime/maritime police emergency communication solution?

Maritime/maritime police emergency communication can achieve the effect of improving the level of automation and informationization of the on-site monitoring images of the Maritime Safety Administration, establishing a set of maritime emergency communication system, and realizing the front-end visual monitoring function and remote video scheduling function.  ...

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