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Daily Archives:April 21,2022

Why Must Use GMRS radio for your Farm and Ranch?

It has become a trend for GMRS radio to replace CB radio and FRS radio as a communication tool for farms and ranches. Do you know why? What are the advantages of GMRS radio? Learn more from this blog.  ...

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3 Best GMRS Walkie Talkie for Farm Communication

GMRS radio has gradually become a mainstream communication tool in agriculture. Do you know how to choose a GMRS walkie talkie that is suitable for your farm? What should you know before choosing? This article will guide you to make the right choice  ...

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FRS or GMRS Radios, Which One Should I Use?

If you don’t know whether to choose a GMRS walkie talkie or a FRS walkie talkie, you can choose the walkie-talkie that suits you best after understanding the difference between GMRS and FRS. Retevis Solutions focus on supplying long range walkie talkies and radio solutions will also help you provide practical advice and help.  ...

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