Advantages of using digital walkie-talkies in Supermarket

Advantages of using digital walkie-talkies in Supermarket

Large supermarkets need to use walkie-talkies to maintain communication between mall staff, but when using analog walkie-talkies, especially license free analog walkie-talkies, there is often a big trouble, that is, walkie-talkies are often unreasonable. Irrelevant signals are received, and even the signals of the corresponding channel are often occupied, causing normal calls to be affected. The DMR digital walkie-talkie is the best choice to solve this problem.

What is the advantages of using digital walkie-talkies in supermarket?

First of all, the most important point is that digital walkie-talkies have no radio frequency interference, that is, the signal is very little or not interfered. This is the biggest advantage for supermarket staff who communicate in the license-free frequency band.

In large supermarkets, there are relatively many interference factors for walkie-talkie signals. The crowds, dense shelves, and diverse products will interfere with the signal of the walkie-talkie, especially in the area of ​​household appliances and electronic products. The digital walkie-talkie uses digital transmission technology. Clear voice, strong confidentiality, saving frequency resources, powerful functions, very suitable for the use environment of supermarkets.

The same power, the same configuration of the walkie-talkie, the digital walkie-talkie can reach a longer distance, because the clear voice effect is also an aspect. It can ensure that the loss prevention personnel, cash register, goods receipt, floor management, and cleaning of large supermarkets can achieve barrier-free instant communication.


The communication advantages of DMR digital walkie-talkies in large supermarkets are very obvious. Take the direct mode as an example. When DMR digital walkie-talkies work with dual time slots, one of the time slots is used for calls and SMS, and the other time slot can be used as a control channel. This time slot can monitor, suspend, remotely kill, and force-inserte the transmitted services. These are traditional analog walkie-talkies and communication cannot be achieved. This is also the powerful feature of digital walkie-talkies.

Compared with traditional analog walkie-talkies, digital walkie-talkies have longer use time and lower operation and maintenance costs. Take Retevis H777 analog walkie-talkies and Retevis RT40 digital walkie-talkies as examples. Because H777 is the basic model of traditional analog mode walkie-talkies, so whether it is a call Distance and communication quality are far inferior to RT40. Although they are all FRS license free walkie talkie.

Because of the anti-signal interference, the digital walkie-talkie has clear voice, no blind spots, no interference, and clear voice. For the loss prevention, cash register, receipt, floor management, and cleaning of the supermarket, it can communicate at any place and any time in the supermarket. , Thereby improving the work efficiency of supermarket employees.

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