Can RT91 Amplifier Work for RT97 Repeater?

Can RT91 Amplifier Work for RT97 Repeater?

Retevis RT91 is Retevis best-selling digital and analog Transceiver Power Amplifier, Retevis RT97 is Retevis Best selling repeater. One is the amplifier and the other is a repeater, the rated power of Retevis RT97 is 10W, but in actual use, because there will be attenuation, the power is usually ≤10W. Many customers think of reaching 10W power and think of Retevis RT91 amplifier, So can RT91 amplifier be used for RT97 repeater?

The answer is NO! Retevis RT91 Amplifier can't Work for RT97 Repeater! Why? This is determined by the working principle of RT91 and RT97.

Retevis RT91 amplifier

What is the principle of the RT91 amplifier?

The working principle of the RT91 amplifier is to amplify FR power, that is, Radio Frequency power, which can expand the input power of 4-6W, that is, the output power of 4-6W handheld walkie-talkies to 20-40W.


What is the principle of the RT97 repeater?

Retevis RT97 is a portable signal radio repeater, It is just a frequency converter, which plays the role of the signal relay. People who often use relays will know that the transmitting and receiving frequencies of the relay are exactly opposite to those of the walkie-talkie. The power of the repeater is determined by the power of the duplexer used.

RT91 is to amplify RF power, and RT97 is just a frequency converter, so RT91 cannot be used for RT97 to amplify the power of RT97.

How to expand the power of the Repeater?

The power of the duplexer used by the repeater determines the power of the repeater. Therefore, to expand the power of the repeater, a high-power duplexer must be replaced, which is determined by the factory.

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