FAQ For Retevis RT97 Mini Repeater

FAQ For Retevis RT97 Mini Repeater

Retevis RT97 mini repeater is a cheap mini analog repeater, used to extend the handheld walkie talkie calling distance. We have received a lot of customer questions about Retevis RT97 repeater and organized them into FAQs, hoping to help everyone.

Q: Can RT97 Mobil repeaters be linked together so that multiple devices can work together?

A: Retevis RT97 is a simple analog repeater, it can't work with each other by a network, if you need to connect many repeaters, we suggest you use Retevis RT97P digital repeater.

Q: My RT97 transmitter is noisy. What is the general reason?

A: First, please check whether the antenna matches the RT97 frequency band? Please note that RT97 distinguishes between UHF and VHF. In addition, is the antenna and RT97 repeater in good contact?
  Secondly, please check if there is other signal interference nearby?
  Third, please adjust the squelch level to an intermediate value.
  Fourth, please try to use another environment.
  Fifth, if you are using the GMRS frequency band, please check whether the wide and narrow bands match. The factory setting of RT97 GMRS is the narrow band

Q: What frequency range can RT97 support?

A: Retevis RT97 repeater support customizes 136-174Mhz and  400-470Mhz.

Q: Does RT97 have a dual-standby function?

A: The Retevis RT97 repeater does not have the dual-standby function. The repeater currently does not have the multi-frequency forwarding and multi-standby function.

Q: What are the power requirements for RT97?

A: The output voltage of RT97 repeater is DC12V, the current is 5A, and the voltage can be used in DC12-24V.

Q: Does the RT97 repeater with battery?

A: The RT97 original repeater doesn't include the battery.

Q: What is the offset support of RT97 repeater?

A: The RT97 repeater support 5-12Mhz offset.

Q: What is the standby current of RT97 repeater?

A: The standby current of RT97 repeater is 90mA.

Q: What is the driver for Retevis RT97 and where can I download it?

A: Retevis RT97 repeater use the USB universal driver, you can download it in

Q: Can I customize low frequency for TX, and high frequency for RX?

A: For repeater, it is best to set high TX frequency and Low RX frequency,  but it is also possible to set low frequency for TX, and high frequency for RX, but the output power will be reduced accordingly.

Q: Can I only customize the frequency of the duplexer to change the frequency of RT97?

A: Yes, it is ok, you can use new duplexer to change the frequency of RT97.

Q: What is the connector type of RT97 repeater?

A: RT97 repeater is UHF/SL16/PL259(F/K Female).

Q: How many DCS and CTCSS codes does the RT97 repeater have?

A: The RT97 repeater has 50DCS and 210 CTCSS codes.

Q: Do you have Power Amplifier for RT97, which can extend the power of RT97?

A: Sorry, we don't have a power amplifier for RT97 repeater.

Q: Can RT97 work without a duplexer?

A: The RT97 repeater can indeed remove the duplexer and use dual antennas for transmission and reception. But RT97 is a mini turntable, and the built-in duplexer is used to install it in the simplest way. If you don't use a duplexer, use 2 antennas. And the height of the antenna must have a 5-meter drop. We don't recommend you to do this. But if you are a ham, and want to explore, you can have a try.

Q: When I use RT97, the call distance is very short, and it doesn't transfer voice, what can I do?

A: First of all, please check whether the transit function of RT97 repeater is enabled, if not, please enable it.

RT97 Transit function
Secondly, please check whether the wide and narrow band of the walkie-talkie matches the RT97 repeater.

Q: Can two encrypted radio communicate with each other through RT97 repeater?

A: Two encrypted radio Can communicate with each other through RT97 repeater, the sound quality will be reduced a bit.

Q: What do the two blank lines mean in Embedded Message in RT97 programming software?

A: This is for remarks, such as writing the date of manufacture.

Q: How far can the RT97 repeater increase the call distance?

A: The distance depends on the height of the antenna and the environment in which it is used.
As we tested, we used two 10w cameras to test. The relay was in the middle. The diameter of the two cameras was 16 kilometers. The distance between the camera and the relay was 8 kilometers. At that time, the height of our antenna was 27 meters.

If you have any questions about Retevis RT97 repeater or need any help, please comment below or contact us: The FAQ of each model is continuously updated based on customer feedback. Welcome to subscribe to Retevis Solutions for the latest information.

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