Retevis RB75 IP67 Waterproof Handheld GMRS two way radio for boating

Retevis RB75 IP67 Waterproof Handheld GMRS two way radio for boating

In family outdoor activities, such as camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, outdoor forest activities, etc., of course, it also includes boating. In family outdoor activities, because of the limitations of mobile phone signals, walkie-talkies have become indispensable communication tools for family outdoor activities. Among the many walkie-talkies, GMRS walkie-talkies are especially popular with families. On the one hand, because the license of GMRS walkie-talkies is easy to obtain, and more importantly, you can use GMRS walkie-talkies to get a longer distance than FRS license-free walkie talkie.

Retevis RB75 is a large battery and IP67 waterproof handheld GMRS walkie talkie, 4500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, IP67 waterproof and dustproof function, with Power saving automatically function, Retevis RB75 is the best boating walkie talkie.

What are the features of Retevis RB75 for boating?

Retevis RB75 best boating walkie talkie

4500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and Power saving automatically

Retevis RB75 GMRS walkie talkie with original 4500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, compared with an ordinary walkie-talkie with a battery capacity of about 1000mAh, Retevis RB75 can last longer, ensuring that the walkie-talkie can be used for a longer time during boating. You don’t need to worry about the short battery life of the walkie-talkie, and Retevis RB75 GMRS walkie talkie have Power saving automatically function, When not in use for a long time, the power saving function can be automatically turned on, which helps the walkie-talkie to be used for a longer time.

IP67 Waterproof function 

Retevis RB75 waterproof GMRS walkie talkie

When boating, the walkie-talkie will inevitably be splashed. If you use an ordinary walkie-talkie, the walkie-talkie will be directly damaged when it encounters water splashes. For the rower, it is undoubtedly embarrassing. At this time, a waterproof Intercom is essential. Retevis RB75 GMRS walkie talkie has IP67 waterproof function. If it is correct, it can be used normally when it is accidentally dropped into the water during boating and fished out. For boating lovers, this is a genius design.

VOX function

Retevis RB75 GMRS walkie talkie with speaker Mic for boating

When boating, your hands are usually used for Oar. When you need to use the walkie-talkie to talk, it is very difficult to send a signal with one hand free to speak and press the PTT button. The VOX function of Retevis RB75 can help you perfectly. When the VOX function is turned on, you don't need to press the PTT button to transmit the signal, you can start the transmit operation directly by voice, and automatically end the transmit after the voice stops, which is very convenient. Of course, if you wear a microphone, this function will not be affected. That is to say, you can use the Retevis RB75 GMRS walkie talkie with the shoulder speaker microphone to get a better call experience.

DSP digital voice processing chip

Compares with standard GMRS walkie talkie, Retevis RB75 use DSP digital voice processing chip, Provide you with a more stable and high-quality voice output experience, For boating enthusiasts, high-quality audio processing chips can provide more high-quality voice output in the noisy environment of boating.

5W high power GMRS license two way radio

Retevis RB75 is a professional GMRS walkie talkie with 5W high power, which will supply you long talking distance, as city using environment, the RB75 handheld GMRS walkie talkie talking distance can reach up to 2.4miles, that is about 3.8km, in an open area, the talking distance will be longer, if you need long distance handheld GMRS walkie talkie for boating, Retevis RB75 is your best choice.

Whether it is a family outdoor boating activity, a rowing competition, or a yachting or kayaking activity on the lake, Retevis RB75 GMRS handheld walkie talkie is the best choice, Just remember Retevis RB75 radio is a larger battery long standby IP67 waterproof GMRS walkie talkie, best for boating.

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Retevis RB75 professional boating walkie talkie

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