Retevis RT40 DMR handheld two way radio use in Security

Retevis RT40 DMR handheld two way radio use in Security

As a license-free digital DMR walkie-talkie, because it does not require any radio operation certificate and is simple to operate, Retevis RT40 is widely used in various industries. Today we will share with you Retevis RT40 Handheld DMR radio use for the Security team.

A walkie-talkie is an indispensable tool for the daily communication of the security team. The security personnel usually communicate the real-time situation in time. When danger occurs, in addition to reporting to the leader in time, it also needs to be kept online in real-time. Retevis RT40 DMR two way radio is undoubtedly the best choice.

What are the features for Retevis RT40 DMR handheld radio use for the security team?

DMR digital technology

Retevis RT40 handheld radio use DMR digital technology, allows you to transmit a call to the private call contact or more preset via a shortcut key, which is of great help to the actual work of security personnel, not only to ensure that the security team’s calls are safer and free from external interference but also There can be more preset function buttons to improve communication efficiency.

48 channels and 48 contacts in 3 groups

Ordinary license-free walkie-talkies, whether it is FRS or PMR446, usually only have 22 or 16 channels. For the security team, the limitation of channel resources usually affects the size of the team and the efficiency of communication, while Retevis RT40 DMR two way Radio uses digital technology to divide all channels into 3 groups, each with 16 channels, for a total of 48 channels. The additional channels can provide unannounced visitors with more channel choices, which greatly improves the convenience of communication.

Private call, group call, all call functions

Private calls can achieve one-to-one calls, which is very important for security personnel with clear job responsibilities. One-to-one communication can be more efficient; while group calls can achieve communication between team members and make the team More efficient; all calls can enable the security team to send broadcast notifications and other messages to ensure that everyone can receive information at the same time, which can greatly improve efficiency. Compared with ordinary analog walkie-talkies, this is a big advantage of Retevis RT40 DMR radio.

Ultralight and pocket-size

Retevis RT40 DMR Handheld two way radio designed to solve the signal faint and sound quality of the analog radios in some scenes; Faster, stronger signal processing and Louder, more clear sound make it very popular for security use.

Compared to traditional analog walkie-talkies, Retevis RT40 DMR walkie-talkies are more secure and clearer in sound quality and are becoming more and more popular in the market. We at Retevis Solutions are committed to professional DMR digital radios and long-distance radio communication solutions. If there is any Demand, welcome to contact us:

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