Retevis RT73 DMR digital Mobile Radio Application in Fleet Travel

Retevis RT73 DMR digital Mobile Radio Application in Fleet Travel

Driving outdoor travel is a very popular activity. When multiple vehicles travel together, the command, dispatch, and coordination between vehicles are especially important. In order to ensure the safety and smooth communication of the team during the course of the journey, the Mobile Radio is naturally indispensable. Today we will share the application of Retevis RT73 DMR digital Mobile Radio in fleet travel.

Retevis RT73 digital mobile radio

Why choose Retevis RT73 digital mibile radio?

Retvis RT73 is a digital mobile Radio that integrates brand-new functions with advanced digital technology functions. Encrypted communication with low noise, clear sound and advanced voice encoder technology greatly improves communication efficiency and call distance. It supports two digital and analog working modes. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Retvis RT73 in fleet travel:

①200,000+contacts (complete worldwide database from DMR-MARC), 20,000 call groups, 250 text messages, 4000-channel (250CH/Zone, 16 zones). Help your team have sufficient communication resources to ensure that the entire team You can find the corresponding group in any form of division(Contact storage is very simple, you only need to download the contact list, and then program them into the mobile radio.).

②Built-in GPS function, you can know the location of the vehicle in time, when it is in danger, you can get help in time; it can also help the team commander to understand the distance of each vehicle in time, adjust the route in time, or conduct command.

③Emergency alarm function. Retevis RT73 digital mobile radio can be set with 4 alarm systems and three alarm modes:

i. For emergency alarm (the machine will ring an alarm bell), the RT73 digital walkie-talkie itself will sound a bell alarm. You can enable this function when you need help outdoors.

ii. Emergency alarm and call (local alarm, PTT alarm for help), RT73 digital walkie-talkie in addition to its own alarm sound, PTT will also automatically alarm for help, so that other people can get information in time, so that you can get help at the first time.

iii. Alarm and voice (turn on the alarm function, automatically send the background sound around you and call for help), the RT73 digital walkie-talkie turns on the alarm function by itself, and will automatically send the background sound around the RT73 to the other party. After the other party receives the message, it can be based on the background To determine your location, which is very helpful in outdoor emergency situations.

Retevis RT73 Mini DMR Digital mobile GPS vehicle Radio transceiver-2

④Custom button

The keys can be customized to facilitate access to frequently used functions.
Supports opening or closing of operations through the software setting menu to facilitate task and application management.
There are 4 custom keys on the microphone and 3 custom keys on the car platform: this is very helpful for driving people. You can define these keys according to your usage habits and functional requirements so that you can use them while driving. Under the premise of ensuring safety, free communication is more convenient.

⑤True 2-time slot which allows for 2 talk paths one a frequency. This is very helpful for lively journeys, not only can solve the trouble of manually switching channels, but also can increase the fun of the journey

⑥TFT color display, for driving drivers, a clear display is needed, so you can understand the main information on the platform at a glance,Retevis RT73 digital mobile radio adopts TFT color display, which is easy to operate and clear icons. The humanized menu operation makes operation and reading more comfortable and convenient.

⑦200 hours of long voice recording
For the traveling fleet, it is very important to archive valuable call content. You can record what you see and hear during the journey, record important matters, etc. Recording is very important material. Therefore, keeping a detailed record of the call is very important. You can use Retevis RT73 mobile radio to record the received signal or the sent signal on the software.

DMR Digital mobile radio

⑧AMBE vacoder, Crystal sound quality. For the driver, a very important consideration for the mobile radio is the sound quality, because the wind noise and the frontal noise of the car itself will challenge the sound of the radio when the vehicle is in use. Retevis RT73 uses AMBE vacoder to ensure the most effective sound quality.

⑨Super small size, power up to 20W,be convenient for installation on any devices. The product size of Retevis RT73 mobile radio is only 121.5*65.5*42.5mm, which is very mini, but its power reaches 20W. Such power in outdoor traveling, for the fleet, it can meet the calling distance of about 20km, which can fully meet the demand for the traveling fleet.

Retevis Solutions friendly reminder:

Precautions for self-driving fleet travel

1. Make a rigorous travel plan before traveling, number the vehicle, and paste the unique number on the vehicle.

2. The organizer should prepare two walkie-talkie frequencies before traveling, one is the normal communication frequency, and the second is the standby frequency. After the normal frequency encounters interference, the command vehicle promptly issues instructions to switch to the standby frequency. Must inform the use precautions and spare frequency number and channel before traveling.

3. Keep a suitable distance between vehicles, not too close or too far, pay attention to safe driving.

4. The content of the conversation between vehicles in the fleet should be concise and clear. Don't occupy the frequency for a long time. The talk mode of the walkie-talkie is simplex (unlike the duplex of the mobile phone). If you keep pressing the PTT button (transmit button), the frequency will be occupied , Other people cannot talk.

5. The team should try to avoid frequent lane changes, and turn on double flashes to remind the front and rear vehicles on the highway.

6. If there is no emergency, the vehicles in the team must drive in the order of numbering. They must not overtake each other, and must not overtake other vehicles in the team. Overtaking of vehicles in the team is not only unsafe but also difficult to manage.

7. Team members can also chat via walkie-talkie while driving. Once the command vehicle issues an instruction or there is an emergency, stop chatting and give up the frequency.

8. When using the walkie-talkie, pay attention to observe the road conditions, ensure safety, and do not operate the walkie-talkie when turning or passing intersections.

9. If there are a lot of vehicles and long convoys, you must communicate with the local traffic police in advance when you want to cross the prosperous urban area, so as not to hinder local traffic safety.

10. For handheld walkie-talkies, be sure to charge them before traveling. For long-distance use, it is better to bring spare batteries or charging equipment.

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