Super Mini DMR mobile radio-Retevis RT73

Super Mini DMR mobile radio-Retevis RT73

Since the launch of the Retevis RT90 DMR digital mobile radio, it has received wide acclaim from the market. Now, combined with the feedback of the Retevis RT90 DMR digital mobile radio, Retevis has launched a new ultra-mini DMR digital mobile radio, Retevis RT73, Retevis RT73 have been released and strongly sought after by the market, and so far, it is still in short supply.



What are the Features of Retevis RT73?

    200,000+contacts(complete worldwide database from DMR-MARC).
    20,000 call groups.
    250 text messages.
    4000-channel (250CH/Zone, 16 zones).
    Built-in GPS.
    The true 2-time slot allows for 2 talk paths one a frequency.
    Dual-band, dual display, and dual standby.
    AMBE vocoder, Crystal sound quality.
    Super small size, power up to 20W, be convenient for installation on any devices.
    Definable keys to ensure shortcut operation.

What's in the package box of Retevis RT73?

Retevis RT73 package include

  • 1 x Mini Mobile Radio
  • 1 x Hand microphone
  • 1x GPS antenna
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Bracket
  • 1x Screw
  • 1x Instructions

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Retevis RT73 Super Mini DMR Digital Mobile Radio

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