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What is the features of DMR digital radio?

DMR digital mobile radio have many features help our work more security and efficiency, and it have been widely use in many industries like security, transportation, hotel, logistics, etc.  ...

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Digital Radio solution for Chain store

Retevis 900MHZ walkie-talkie is a strictly digital license free walkie-talkie, by adding 900Mhz to the radio solution, apply to chain stores.  ...

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Digital radio communication scheme for HV transmission line maintenance

Search and rescue (SAR) radio communication solution can use for HV transmission line maintenance, the maintenance of high-voltage transmission lines often faces complex terrain and severe weather conditions, and radio solutions need to be changed in order to meet the corresponding conditions.  ...

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What is FHSS license free digital two way radio?

900mhz License Free, walkie-talkie using FSHH technology, using frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology, compared with standard analog radio, can achieve more reliable and more private communication  ...

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How to judge whether your digital walkie-talkie can communicate with Motorola MOTOTRBO?

By checking the standard used by the Retevis digital walkie-talkie, you can judge whether our retevis walkie-talkie can communicate with the Motorola walkie-talkie you are currently using.  ...

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DMR digital private network relay station

There are many different departments in the factory. DMR digital private network relay station solutions can solve the communication between different departments in the factory and greatly improve the production efficiency.  ...

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