What is the difference between private network walkie-talkie and public network walkie-talkie?

What is the difference between private network walkie-talkie and public network walkie-talkie?

With the rapid development and continuous progress of information technology in recent years, wireless walkie-talkies and background management command communication systems have long become one of the most important communication methods today. Whether in the field of public emergency response, or management and scheduling platform, we can see walkie-talkies.

Wireless walkie-talkies have experienced analog mode, digital mode, public network walkie-talkie, private network walkie-talkie. In recent years, according to the characteristics of consumer communication requirements, various manufacturers have rushed to implement mass network walkie-talkies. So what is the difference between private network walkie-talkies and public network walkie-talkies?

What is private network walkie-talkie?

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Analog wireless walkie-talkies and digital walkie-talkies are classified as traditional wireless walkie-talkies, also known as private network wireless walkie-talkies. Private network wireless walkie-talkies are generally designed to meet the requirements of customer organization and coordination, production safety, and dispatch and command. High frequency (UHF)/VHF (VHF) to achieve the effect of communicate.

What is public network walkie-talkie?

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The public network walkie-talkie (also known as POC) is a half-duplex voice service management based on the mobile cellular packet domain using VoIP technology. To put it simply, the consumer density is used to cover the data network to realize communication services.

The difference between private network walkie-talkie and public network walkie-talkie:

1.Application field

The public network walkie-talkie provides service management for the public, mainly for economic benefits, and is suitable for general areas of communication in the field of freight logistics, public transportation, hotel services, urban safety, railway transportation, shopping malls, etc. The dedicated data network specifically targets special functional departments and groups and consumers in related fields, providing emergency communication and system dispatch service management, and focusing on social and economic benefits.


Public network walkie-talkies have a variety of wireless communication network functions. In addition to cluster wireless walkie-talkies, they also have voice, video, and data services, such as single call, group call, full call, emergency call, short message, GPS, etc. Value-added function of transmission data. The method of the private network is to transmit data by itself, and receive by another device, and must create its own data signal wireless channel, and some are suitable for single-to-one calls.

3.Covered area

The private network emphasizes the small volume and the large-scale Internet, which can provide coverage services for designated occasions; the public network especially emphasizes the large volume and wide coverage. This depends on the Internet established by the operator, so the communication distance is not limited, and the data signal Covered area, can talk freely, Retevis RT70 public network series walkie-talkies can realize national communication.


The limitations of network communication have affected the construction and planning cost of dedicated network walkie-talkies, and dedicated network walkie-talkies are very susceptible to factors such as transmission data output power, wireless antenna setting height, and sensitivity. Therefore, in order to better achieve a longer communication distance, it is usually necessary to create high-cost relay stations and arrange the corresponding route engineering projects reasonably. In the whole process of construction, a lot of human and material resources are required. Workers must maintain the relay equipment. The public network walkie-talkie relies on the public mobile Internet and does not need to deploy communication base stations, which is very convenient.

Advantages and disadvantages of private network walkie-talkies:

Advantages: Private network is a kind of private Internet, which can be constructed and planned more conveniently, and has strong information confidentiality; it will not be limited by operators. In special emergency situations, it can give full play to its excellent functions in emergency communications.

Disadvantages: The cost is high, the distance is relatively limited, and the distance from the network can reach 3 to 5 kilometers.

Advantages and disadvantages of public network walkie-talkies:

Advantages: The public network walkie talkie relies on the Internet set by the operator and uses data traffic to do the communications

Defects: suffer from the limitations of the network provider, inconvenient; remote areas such as mountainous areas, data signals cannot be used; in the face of natural disasters, it cannot give full play to emergency functions.

With the development trend of the application field, the public network walkie-talkie has gradually become a new era. As a leading IoT platform solution provider in the positioning function industry, Retevis Communications provides more commercial users with digital radio solutions. With this solution, long-distance barrier-free communication of business activities can be realized, and work efficiency can be greatly improved.

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