What is the role of cloud management center in radio communication solutions?

What is the role of cloud management center in radio communication solutions?

In the radio communication solution, the cloud management system plays a vital role in dispatching and command. Before understanding the cloud management system, let us first understand the scheduling software in the cloud management system. 

What is scheduling software?

The terminal GPS positioning is sent to the scheduling software in real time. The dispatch center is able to keep abreast of staffing. Moreover, the command center can directly talk to any terminal and flexibly modify the rescue measures.

The DMR digital private network relay station and the multi-network convergence network management cooperate with the cloud management center to form a complete management/scheduling system. It can realize partition networking, electronic warning bar.control center direct call terminal; terminal GPS positioning; terminal motion track and other functions. And remote recording can be saved to the cloud server.

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Who can use cloud management system?

Factory security patrol, forest area fire inspection. Accidents and location locations need to be obtained in a timely manner at work. The control center will then notify the relevant personnel to go to the process. Accurate positioning of the accident location, and the rapid arrival of additional personnel on the scene is very important to solve the problem.

Cloud Management Center makes it easy to get GPS location information for your terminal devices. And mark its location on the map. Through the system, the nearest staff member can be notified to go to the staff. The necessary information and communication is usually provided for the resolution of the accident.

What is the function of cloud management system in radio communication solutions?

1. The cloud management system can help the radio solution to improve work efficiency.
The addition of the cloud management system is more intelligent in the operation of the radio system, and can use the network to implement many functions in the program, such as scheduling and cross-regional coordination.
2. The cloud management system can complete server IP editing, device addition, group setting and other functional tests, and at the same time realize long-distance calls on public network machines.
3. The cloud management system can cooperate with the GPS scheduling platform to realize the call function of the dispatcher and the radio.

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