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Deep understanding of what is single frequency repeater

The key point of single-frequency repeater understanding is to transmit and receive on one frequency point, which greatly saves frequency resources. This is the biggest difference from traditional repeater.  ...

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What is the Special of Retevis RT74 single frequency repeater

Retevis RT74 DMR Digital repeater is a single frequency repeater. Two time slots of one digital frequency can be used to transfer signals, which greatly improves the efficiency of frequency use.  ...

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How to add a new order on the 4G LTE Smart PTT Management platform and renew annual fee for Retevis RT70 POC Radio

Retevis RT70 POC Radio use the 4G LTE Smart PTT Management platform to mange devic, when you add new device or the annual fee is due, see how to do from this blog.  ...

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How to start using your Retevis RT70 POC Radio

When got your new Retevis RT70 POC radio,you need setting to make it can work successfully,this bolg tell you what to do step by step.  ...

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How to program Retevis RT70 POC Radio?

Retevis RT70 POC Radio have two program method,cable program and air program,learn details about this two program method.  ...

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How to judge whether you can use the Retevis RT70 public network Radio(POC Radio)?

Based on the operating frequency band of the local telecom operator, combined with the Tx frequency of Retevis RT70, we can determine whether you can choose Retevis RT70 POC radio  ...

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What are advantages of the Retevis RT70 POC Network radio?

Retevis RT70 Radio is the best selling POC radio,have many advantages can fit for many indusries use.  ...

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Advantages of using digital walkie-talkies in Supermarket

Digital walkie-talkies are used in large supermarkets to ensure that the loss prevention, cash register, receipt, floor management, and cleaning of supermarkets can communicate at any time and at any time in the supermarkets, thereby improving the work efficiency of supermarket employees  ...

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How to judge whether your digital walkie-talkie can communicate with Motorola MOTOTRBO?

By checking the standard used by the Retevis digital walkie-talkie, you can judge whether our retevis walkie-talkie can communicate with the Motorola walkie-talkie you are currently using.  ...

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Digital Radio solution for Chain store

Retevis 900MHZ walkie-talkie is a strictly digital license free walkie-talkie, by adding 900Mhz to the radio solution, apply to chain stores.  ...

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