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Retevis Solutions Coupon code come for all users

In order to celebrate the 2021 New Year, Retevis specially launched a discount campaign for DMR two way radios. If you spend over 100 USD, you can save 5 USD. We hope that our discount can save you more money, and hope you can keep supporting Retevis Solutions in the future.  ...

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Retevis RT50 DMR Radio use in property management

Retevis RT50 DMR radio can be used for property management, 10W high power with 2200mAh rechargeable li-ion battery, use TDMA technology, designed with Tier II, AMBE++ vocoder, compatible with MOTO TRBO, etc. DMR two way radio, very fit for improving property management working efficiency.  ...

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100 meter window counter used for restaurant in COVID-19

TW105 100meter long wire window counter use in the parking slot of the restaurant, without getting out of the car, they can place an order in the car while talking to the counter inside using TW105, then claim the take out order  ...

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Best selling commercial DMR walkie talkie-Retevis RT81

Retevis RT81 is Retevis’s best-selling commercial DMR digital walkie-talkie, digital on-site two-way radio presents a better way for small businesses to communicate. It also offers enhanced performance with wide coverage, longer battery life, and clear, crisp audio; All these features make it good for various industries.  ...

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What is the feature of Retevis RT78 and RT99 bluetooth radio?

Retevis RT78 handheld bluetooth radio and Retevis RT99 mobile bluetooth radio can be used for transportation scheduling, taxis and other industries. They are support mobile phone App programming, Bluetooth function, and no call distance limitation.  ...

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How to set all call for Retevis RT40

Retevis RT40 is a license free digital walkie talkie with all call functions, you can use all call functions to broadcast the message to everyone.  ...

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What is the difference between Retevis RT10 and Motorola DTR600

Retevis RT10 is a more people-friendly 902-928Mhz license free DMR digital radio, it has a cheaper price than Motorola DTR600 and is more suitable for commercial use.  ...

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902-928MHz license free digital radio-Retevis RT10 is coming!!!

Retevis RT10 license free DMR digital two way radio is 902-928MHZ, can be use in in warehouse, supermarkets, docks, shopping malls, hotels,rtc.  ...

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Loudspeaker Radio Solution for Restaurant

Loudspeaker Radio Solution is a complete radio solution that specifically meets the communication between the back kitchen staff of the restaurant, the front desk of the restaurant, and the service staff of the restaurant.  ...

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Deep understanding of what is single frequency repeater

The key point of single-frequency repeater understanding is to transmit and receive on one frequency point, which greatly saves frequency resources. This is the biggest difference from traditional repeater.  ...

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