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Retevis RT97 mini repeater use for basement coverage

The Retevis RT97 mini sample repeater can be installed in the basement or underground parking lot to cover areas where the radio signal is weak or out of reach, greatly improving the efficiency of radio communication.  ...

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Who can choose retevis RA16 Safety helmet walkie talkie?

Retevis RA16 safety helmet walkie talkie With both safety helmet function and walkie-talkie function, it is widely used in construction, bridge, road, pipeline and other industries to meet the needs of walkie-talkie calls between workers on the premise of ensuring the safety of construction workers.  ...

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Helmet Radio solutions for construction workers

Retevis Helmet Radio solutions is a helmet with radio fuctions, can meet the communication needs while ensuring worker safety, very fit for construction workers  ...

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Single frequency digital radio solution for Tunnel construction

Single frequency digital radio solution uses DMR TDMA signaling, only 1 frequency point is needed to establish a repeater system, which further improves the saving of frequency resources and is very suitable for tunnel construction.  ...

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GMRS Radio Solutions Application in Community Communication

Retevis GMRS radio solution set can meet the communication needs of community activities, as well as the needs of radio communication between communities.  ...

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Retevis RT97 Building Radio Communication Solution from Retevis radio solutions

Retevis radio solutions provide radio solutions for the properties of Sanjiang Building to solve the signal blind areas inside the building and effective communication with staff around the building  ...

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Retevis tunnel radio communication solutions

Retevis tunnel radio communication solution takes place inside the tunnel, or radio communication inside and outside the tunnel.  ...

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Solutions to expand the radio signal coverage

Wireless radio solution system is widely used by railways, police, property management, hotel management, ports and docks, entertainment places, stadiums, banks, factories, etc. all over the world, but we often encounter signal blind areas and weak signal areas, do you know how to solve this situation?  ...

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 radio signal coverage solution,  expand radio signal coverage,  long range radio solution

construction industry Radio Outstanding advantages

construction industry Radio solutions outstanding advantage is the using of handheld radio with detachable and washable dust-proof structure speaker,this can solve the embarrassment of long using walkie talkie speaker covered by dust for a long time due to the heavy dust on the construction site.  ...

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