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Retevis RT73 DMR digital Mobile Radio Application in Fleet Travel

Retevis RT73 DMR Digital mobile radio with GPS function is the best choice for outdoor fleet travel.  ...

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which radio should you choose for boating?

Retevis RT49P is a IP67 waterproof walkie talkie with floating function and Falling water alarm indicator function, very fit for water activities, such as boating, yachting, dragon boat competitions, etc.  ...

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How can Lumberjack choose the right two way radio?

Lumberjack needs a walkie-talkie that is easy to clean dust due to the working environment. Retevis RT54 is the best choice  ...

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Car radio solution system from retevis radio solutions

Car radio solution system very cleverly catches the car’s cigarette lighter system to supply power to the relay, making the entire radio solution more stable under the condition of car power supply.  ...

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RT97 and motorcycle combination solutions for outdoor Riding

RT97 and motorcycle combination solutions is a very simple and easy to install radio solution, it can make your radio solution more portable and more user-friendly.  ...

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Retevis RT97 Homemade Portable Repeater solution

Portable Repeater System make outdoor communication more easy, Homemade Portable Repeater solution added the DIY factor to make it more interesting.  ...

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Karting Radio Communication Solution introduction

The Karting Radio Communication Solution guarantee kart race went smoothly. Wireless instant messaging helps racers reach their training goals.  ...

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Application of RT97 in emergency scenarios

Retevis RT97 emergency scenarios radio solution is verysimple, easy to operate. The equipment used is very small and easy to store. Due to the use of the Retevis RT97, the mini portable repeater. The price of the entire radio solution is also very cheap.  ...

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What factors need to be considered when choosing ski sports radio communication?

Skiing is a very popular sport. The use of a walkie-talkie during skiing is a smart choice for many skiers. The use of the walkie-talkie can ensure that the skier frees his hands while maintaining contact with other people. This is a great way to ensure safety.  ...

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Digital radio communication scheme for HV transmission line maintenance

Search and rescue (SAR) radio communication solution can use for HV transmission line maintenance, the maintenance of high-voltage transmission lines often faces complex terrain and severe weather conditions, and radio solutions need to be changed in order to meet the corresponding conditions.  ...

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