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What factors need to be considered when choosing ski sports radio communication?

Skiing is a very popular sport. The use of a walkie-talkie during skiing is a smart choice for many skiers. The use of the walkie-talkie can ensure that the skier frees his hands while maintaining contact with other people. This is a great way to ensure safety.  ...

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Digital radio communication scheme for HV transmission line maintenance

Search and rescue (SAR) radio communication solution can use for HV transmission line maintenance, the maintenance of high-voltage transmission lines often faces complex terrain and severe weather conditions, and radio solutions need to be changed in order to meet the corresponding conditions.  ...

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How to choose walkie-talkie for self-driving tour?

The walkie-talkie is a great choice for self-driving tours. More and more riders will choose to travel in groups and take care of each other. The radio has become an important part of the team's safety. It is indispensable.  ...

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How to choose the right outdoor two way radio

In the use and selection of outdoor radio, we must understand in advance what problems we often encounter and how to solve these problems, so as to ensure that our outdoor activities are safe and interesting  ...

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Lightning protection measures for wireless radio communication solution

lightning protection measures is an important device often used in communications to prevent lightning damage. It is used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage during lightning strikes. In the communication scheme, the role of lightning arresters cannot be ignored.  ...

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Outdoor xtreme paintball Dedicated Radio Communication Solution

Outdoor xtreme paintball Dedicated Radio Communication Solution with very strong scene characteristics, it can meet CS, outdoor survival training, military training, etc., not close to meet the communication needs of activities, and further improve the safety and comfort of use.  ...

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Mountaineering/ Exploration radio communication solution

Mountaineering radio solution including GPS positioning function, can help understand the location of personnel in real time, ensure the safety of participants in mountaineering, adventure and other activities.  ...

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Marathon radio communication solution

Marathon radio communication solution specifically customize for marathon,based on the research of the marathon, we have developed a professional marathon communication solution to ensure that the marathon can proceed smoothly and safely.  ...

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How to solve the power problem for the radio communication repeater

How to solve the power problem of the repeater when there is no electric power? This article lists three ways to solve the problem of repeater power, including car charger, mobile power, and solar energy, which can help you solve the problem in different situations.  ...

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