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What is maritime/maritime police emergency communication solution?

Maritime/maritime police emergency communication can achieve the effect of improving the level of automation and informationization of the on-site monitoring images of the Maritime Safety Administration, establishing a set of maritime emergency communication system, and realizing the front-end visual monitoring function and remote video scheduling function.  ...

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Which industries can choose WCDMA Network Radio

Many industries can use WCDMA Network Radio because its long standby time, high voice call quality, saving communication costs, and greatly shortening the user communication distance features, With the popularity of the network and the diversification of demand, the demand for WCDMA Network Radio will become more and more obvious.  ...

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Patrol radio solution for property security

The patrol radio solution is upgraded from the radio, and the patrol function is added on the basis of the radio, so that the walkie talkie can not only meet the needs of communication, but also meet the patrol. Suitable for security, property, hotel ,school and others with patrol needs.  ...

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Personal Emergency Communications : Staying in Touch Post-Disaster

Personal Emergency Radio Communications solution can help you to maintain communication with the outside world in the case of severe weather and natural disasters without any mobile phone signals, ensure that you get the first aid, and also help you contact others, help others.  ...

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