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Retevis RT40 DMR handheld two way radio use in Security

Retevis RT40 DMR Handheld two way radio more secure, clearer in sound quality, and multi-functions very fit for the security team, make security teamwork more safe and efficient.  ...

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Retevis RT80 DMR radio use for traffic command

Retevis RT80 DMR Radio provides greater convenience for the traffic commander. The lightweight and mini design make the traffic commander not tired even if worn for a long time. The complete functional design provides a powerful Backing with functional support, no matter from the choice of function or the design of appearance, the Retevis RT80 DMR radio is the best choice for traffic command.  ...

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Single frequency DMR repeater Retevis RT73 for disaster rescue

Retevis RT74 is single frequency DMR repeater, support single frequency repeater mode, save frequency resources, very fit for disaster rescue.  ...

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 Retevis RT74,  disaster rescue radio,  single frequency repeater

Why do explosion-proof walkie-talkies must use original batteries?

In flammable and explosive environments, use professional explosion-proof walkie-talkies with original batteries to ensure safety.  ...

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 explosion-proof walkie-talkie,  explosion-proof battery,  retevis RT56

What should pay attention to when buying Body Worn Camera

Police body-worn cameras (BWCs) have been widely promoted as a technological mechanism to improve policing and the perceived legitimacy of police and legal institutions, see this blog to check What should pay attention to when buying Body Worn Camera.  ...

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What is the features of DMR digital radio?

DMR digital mobile radio have many features help our work more security and efficiency, and it have been widely use in many industries like security, transportation, hotel, logistics, etc.  ...

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 DMR,  Digital radio,  analog radio,  dmr radio features

How to operate retevis RT77 body worn camera?

Retevis RT77 Body worn camera is a high quality integrated wearable camera with simple operations.  ...

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 Body worn camera,  Retevis RT77,  high-quality integrated wearable camera

What is Body worn camera?

Body worn camera (BWC), also known as body cameras and body-worn cameras, or wearable cameras is a wearable audio, video, or photographic recording system.  ...

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 Body worn camera,  body cameras,  wearable cameras

What are the advantages of Retevis RT77 Body worn camera

Retevis RT77 Body worn camera, 1296P 16G Body Worn Mounted Camera, Lightweight Smart Fast Charging Night Vision Cam 170 Degree Angle Playback and 8Hours Recording advantages makes it widly use in public security, urban management, taxation, property, security and other industries.  ...

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 Body worn camera,  Retevis RT77,  Body Camera,  Body Worn Mounted Camera

When the flood comes, how to ensure rapid communication response?

Combining the flood control needs of different regions, equipped with dedicated flood control wireless radio equipment, when a disaster occurs, flood radio communication solutions can help disaster relief personnel obtain on-site information as soon as possible, and quickly implement actions to reduce casualties and economic losses.  ...

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 Retevis RT93 digital repeater,  Retevis RT50,  rapid communication response,  flood radio communication solution