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Retevis RT43 DMR radio for Cold storage

Retevis RT43 DMR radio is a professional handheld radio, with low-temperature resistance function, very suitable for cold storage workers to use, can greatly improve the work efficiency of cold storage workers.  ...

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Why do warehouses need to choose high-power digital walkie-talkies?

Warehouse need to use high power digital walkie talkie to meet daily communication requirement,retevis RT81 10W digital radio is the best choice.  ...

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Complate radio solutions for warehouse

Retevis solution warhouse radio solution supply complate radio solution for warhouse workers, more convenient to realize timely communication and improve work efficiency.  ...

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Retevis RT73-New generation super mini DMR digital Mobile Radio Transceiver

Retevis RT73-New generation super mini DMR digital Mobile Radio Transceiver is a new model upgraded on the basis of retevis RT90, with stronger functions and more mini.  ...

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A louder radio solution-loudspeaker two way radio

The loudspeaker two way radio integrates walkie-talkie and loudspeaker functions. It can talk to the walkie-talkie through program. Equipped with a large-function speaker and the sound can cover a larger venue.  ...

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How to achieve the radio communication between two warehouses?

The Retevis RT97 and Retevis RT1 radio solution set had cover a range of 16km, the call is clear, uninterrupted, and no noise, perfectly achieve the radio communication between two warehouses.  ...

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Warehouse Two way radio communication solutions

The warehouse radio communication solution can realize the instant communication of warehouse staff, which can not only improve the efficiency of warehouse staff, but also ensure the safety of warehouse staff.  ...

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Patrol radio solution System using introduction

Patrol radio solution System not only have the function of walkie-talkie, but also has the function of patrol, it can meet the needs of patrol while meeting the needs of communication.  ...

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