DMR digital private network relay station


DMR digital private network relay station power range 1~50w can be adjusted freely. Complete coverage of small and medium-sized factories/warehouses/supermarkets. The interference signal is effectively filtered by color/time slot/encryption. And it can prevent communication information from leaking.

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The factory is an extremely efficient place. In order to improve efficiency, we have established assembly lines, job division, data production, machine replacement and so on. But communication between people is the core of efficiency.

Without communication, there is no management, no communication, and management is just a kind of mechanical behavior that is conceived and lacks vitality. Communication is the lifeblood in a business organization. Like a blood vessel in an organization’s life, it spreads through every part of the body and every link, promotes circulation, and provides a variety of nutrients to form a living organism.

There are many different departments in the factory, and clear and usual communication is especially important.


Digital mobile radio relay system


DMR relay system enables more efficient use of frequencies. Open up twice as many channels in the same frequency range. These channels not only deliver clear voice information, but also data transfer. With the DMR terminal, it can be more functions of the line. For example:independent work inspection, GPS positioning, advanced alarm functions and so on. It is also compatible with the simulator. Let the system upgrade and make a smoother transition.

Scheme topology

Scheme topology factory
  • Flexible group calls: Group calls and group calls can be established.
  • Voice Digital Encryption: 8 sets of encrypted passwords.
  • Telemetry, remote control: work alone, remote and active, alarm.

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