Long range dual band hand held radio for farm workers

Long talking distance hand-held walkie talkie for farm workers use,with high quality,waterproof and dust-proof, long working time features. VOX function also support hands-free,so that you can use your hands to do other works´╝îand the real time communication is not affected.

Loud car radio for vehicle workers

High-quality, high-volume mobile station, specially suitable for tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery, upgraded horn-type high-volume walkie-talkies, suitable for farms with large areas and many mechanical operations.


GPS and long range for fresh agricultural products delivery

Retevis radio solutions can satisfy the timely communication between processing points and transportation vehicles, between transportation vehicles, positioning of transportation vehicles, and even trajectory tracking.

Patrol function of the farm security

Patrol function can not only meet the needs of communication, but also meet the daily patrol of dairy farms, orchards, greenhouses, wineries, etc. to ensure the safety of the farm.


Retevis Solutions have mature radio solutions for Dairy farms, wineries, orchards, pastures, greenhouses, greenhouses, etc.If you need your own radio solutions,welcome to contact us:info@retevissolutions.com