Commercial Radio solutions

Commercial radio solutions offers a wealth of features and functions in the provision of radio communications. With long extensive experience in a wide variety of industries, from business and commercial radio solutions establishment, maintenance of security, collaborative management of different venues. We can customize solutions from simple two way communications to bespoke infrastructure and system design.

For communication between business participants

DMR digital radio technology makes the conversation between participants clearer, and does not cross-frequency, making mutual communication more secure. Even if there are thousands of people together, there will be no signal interference.


Radio solutions for security person

Maintenance of the entire venue order, job scheduling, emergency instructions,timely communication between different positions´╝îRadio solutions for security persons can meet all the requirements.

For communications between different business locations

Long Range DMR radio solutions can meet communications for different business locations, different floors and different locations can realize barrier-free calls and support whole radio solutions for large conferences.