Radio solutions for kart racing

Regardless of the size of the go-kart arena, while meeting the call distance requirements, Retevis Solutions also provides customized products, such as karting helmets headsets, etc. Contact us for a quotation for your karting radio solution.

Radio solutions for field race

In the field race, the racer must not only listen to the information from the command station, but also communicate with the coach, and promptly follow the command to make adjustments. All these require a set of professional radio solutions that can meet the requirements of communication distance and To ensure that the signal is not interfered, at the same time, the professional radio solutions of the contestants, the details to the form of the earphone cable, and even the color, we provide more professional solutions.

Radio solutions for field race

Radio solutions for rally racing

Rallying is a test of endurance and speed of the car over great distances. This is the same for walkie-talkies. We need a radio solution that can work for a long time to ensure that the radio can guarantee barrier-free communication during the entire rally.

Radio solution for cross-country

Wind noise and noise generated by machinery itself have always been a challenge for radio solutions. Retevis Solutions has customized solutions based on practical scenarios to minimize the impact of mechanical noise and wind noise.


Highest-quality radio communication solutions without safety impact is Retevis Solutions purpose. Contact us to get your own radio solutions

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