Network Radio Solutions

The public network radio solution can help chain stores to communicate with each other without distance limitation. With the help of 4G LTE Smart PTT management platform, functions such as group management can be realized, and direct calls on the computer side are supported.

License free radio solution

For small convenience stores, communication between shop assistants, the License free radio solution is the best choice, low cost, no certificate, ready to use, simple operation, can solve daily communication, is the best small Supermarket radio communication solution.


GMRS radio solution

Long distance for large supermarkets staffs, GMRS radio solution can be used by employees of large supermarkets to use, distribute, warehouse, and transport to realize instant communication, and handle the goods on shelves, circulation, and replacement in time.

Call box radio solution

The Two-Way Call Box can be fixed at a fixed location in the supermarket, and used to communicate with the mall service in time when customers need help. This fixed Two-Way Call Box can be used to talk to hand held walkie-talkies and program, Can help provide timely voice communication services. It is widely used in large self-service supermarkets, service industry and retail industry.


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