Road transportation radio solution

Whether it is communication between trucks, real-time communication between the control center and trucks, location positioning, all have a great impact on safety and timeliness. We provide you with the most suitable radio solution for you, starting from the functional requirements.

Railway transportation radio solution

In addition to the daily work communication, the communication between the intercepted cars, the communication between the cars and the station, once there is a danger or emergency, everyone can get the news at the first time.


Sea transportation radio solution

Marine VHF radios equipped with DSC can send and receive digital emergency messages, private calls, and general calls. DSC significantly improves the chances of rapid rescue.

Air transportation radio solution

The communication between the trailer and the airport staff, the communication between the staff on the plane and the delivery, unloading and other employees, Retevis Solutions provides a complete set of radio solutions to meet the needs of various roles.


Delivery and logistics radio solution

Employees responsible for delivery often need to maintain communication with the courier points, and the courier processing points also need to track and locate the vehicles responsible for transportation. At this time, you can choose a public network radio solution.