Radio Solution for Ordinary small warehouse

Basic FRS/PMR license free or GMRS radio solution to meet basic communicationS, distance and high-frequency calls, support VOX, free hands, low cost.

Radio Solution for Medium and large warehouse

Long range hand-held radio solution for big warehouse, from 3.0 to 20km calling disatnce,in Retevis Solutions, you can get the radio solution that suits you best.


Radio Solution for Multilayer warehouse

There are many obstacles in the warehouse that affect the communication distance, there are signal blind areas, and often missed messages. In Retevis Solution, these are not problems. Radio Solution for Multilayer warehouse is your best choice.

Radio Solution for Multiple Multilayer warehouse

Multiple Multilayer warehouse Radio Solution can not only meet the communication needs of a single warehouse, but also has a greater improvement in distance, which can meet the communication between more large warehouses.


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