License Free Loudspeaker Radio Solution Set

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*10W wall mountable loudspeaker

*91dB Loudspeaker

*Loudspeaker and handheld Two Way Radio Sets

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Scene introduction:

The Loudspeaker walkie-talkie RB36 can be installed in fixed places, such as warehouses, churches, shopping malls, parking lots, communities, cruise ships, production workshops, and scenic lights to send notifications.
The Loudspeaker walkie-talkie and handheld walkie-talkie that can talk to each other, and is used for communication between the signal receiving end and the handheld terminal.
In an open environment, within 500 meters, the Loudspeaker walkie-talkie can communicate with the handheld walkie-talkie.

Warehouse, church, shopping mall, parking lot, community, cruise ship, production workshop, scenic spot, etc.

Main Functions:

1. Plug and play, wireless connection, no wiring required
2. 10W wall mountable loudspeaker, wide sound coverage
3. 16-channel license-free FRS two-way intercom
4. The Loudspeaker walkie-talkie call distance of 500 meters in an open area can meet the requirements of short-distance communication, handheld walkie talkie talking distance about 2.5km.

Retevis RT22 VOX Two Way Radio


  2. Monitor Function
  3. Emergency Alarm
  4. Scanning
  5. TOT(Time-out Timer)
  6. Squelch
  7. VOX Function
  8. High/ Low Power Selectable
  9. Battery Save Function
  10. Low Battery Promp

Package Include:

  • 6 x RT22 Two Way Radio
    6 x Battery
    6 x Belt Clip
    3 x Adapter
    6 x USB charging cable
    2 x loudspeaker
    2 x Power Adapter
    1 x User Manual

Retevis RT22:

Model Number RT22
Frequency Range US:462-467MHz / PMR446 / 400-470MHZ
Power 2W
Color Camouflage
Channel Capacity 16
Battery Capacity Li-ion 1000mAh
Working Voltage DC 3.7V
Antenna Impendence 50Ω
Weight (Include battery) 113g/3.99oz
Size 135x54x21mm/5.31x2.13x0.83in
Output Power 2W/1W
The Maximum Deviation ≤5KHz
Residual Radiation <60dB
Current ≤1000mA
Audio Response +7~-12.5dB
Sensitivity ≤0.16μV(12dB SINAD)
Squelch Sensitivity <0.2μV
Intermodulation 50dB
Audio Power ≥300mW
Current ≤100mA
Squelch Current 20mA

RB36 General Specifications:

  1. Working frequency: FRS 462.5500-462.7250MHz.
  2. The maximum audio output power is 10W, powered by a 12V DC power supply.
  3. Sensitivity of wireless receiver -117dbm
  4. Power supply: 12V/2A switching power supply.
  5. Speaker size: 158mm
  6. Speaker sensitivity: 91dB
  7. Speaker frequency response 90-16000Hz
  8. Appearance size: 260X186X120mm
  9. Transmit power: <=0.2W
  10. Operating temperature: -10°C-50°C

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