License free Patrol radio solution for security

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*license-free Hand-held two-way radio with patrol function

*six-way rapid charger

*long talking range radio communication solution

*High-quality mini repeater

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At present, the patrol solutions of many companies is separated from the radio communication solutions, which is two independent systems. It also means that when workers patrol, they should bring not only the radio for communication, but also the patrol equipment, two independent equipment, which brings great inconvenience to patrol personnel, not only inconvenient to carry, but also high cost. The outstanding advantage of commercial patrol solution is the use of walkie talkie with patrol function. It is not only easy to carry, but also able to meet the communication needs, as well as the clock in search of patrol. It is very effciency.

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License free Patrol radio communication solution outstanding advantages:

1. license free handheld radio with patrol function

The handheld radio with patrol function,nnder the premise of meeting the wireless radio communication, it can meet the needs of patrol at the same time, one radio and two uses, very convenient and efficient.

With Alarm function, When pressed, radio will send out will sound an alarm to attract the attention of others.

With decent distance and good reception, providing clear and loud calls within its range.

License free, with CE FCC Certification FRS handheld radio, very fit for normal business use, like security patrol work for properties, parks, warehouses, etc.

2. FCC Certification mini repeater

Small and compact, solid and dust-proof mini repeater, simple and convenient installation, flexible operation, can be operated as fixed or mobile. 

Multi working power selection, working with the matching power adapter, and also can work under DC12V~24V power or car power.

With the addition of relays, the hand-held radio can reach a distance of 12km, and can cover signal blind spots, such as basement, corners of stairs, corners of buildings, etc.

3. Six-Way rapid gang Charger

Capable of charging up to six batteries or six radios simultaneously.
Capable of controlling the charging process to ensure high efficiency.
Self-switching (AC 100V-240V) power supply for international use.
Safe and reliable, with multiple safety protection.

4. Omni-Directional Aluminum Alloy Antenna

High quality aluminum alloy material, Omni directional base station antenna, with high gain, wide bandwidth, low standing wave ratio, waterproof, anti-corrosion with high strength and high-quality aluminum alloy package, strong wind resistance characteristics, is a kind of ideal communication antenna, antenna design style, easy disassembly and assembly and convenient use.

5. 15 Meter Pure Copper Low Loss Coaxial Extend Cable

 Pure Copper material, Super Gainer Low Loss Coaxial Cable, extendable that boosts the signal of your repeater significantly.

Package Include:

  •  36 x RT28 two way radio
  •  36 x Battery
  •  36 x Belt Clip
  •  36 x Hand Strap
  •  6 x RTC21 Six-Way charger
  •  6 x Adapter(US/UK/EU/AU)
  •  1 x MA01 Omni-Directional Base Station UHF Antenna
  •  1 x 15m 50-3 feeder cable 
  •  1 x  RT97 repeater

Repeater Technical parameters:

Frequency Range 136-174MHz or 400-470MHz
Channel Capacity 16CH
Channel Spacing ±12.5KHz Narrow/±25kHz Wide
Operating Voltage DC12V ~24V
Operating Temperature -30°C~ +60°C
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Dimension 260*210*70mm
Weight 1.66kg
Intermediate Frequency 160MHz / 465MHz
Power Output 10W
Modulation F3E
Spurious Emission -60dB or less
Maximum Frequency Deviation Wide: ±5kHz Narrow: ±2.5kHz
Audio Distortion 5% or less
FM Noise Wide:≤45dB Narrow :≤40dB
Intermediate Frequency 150MHz / 455MHz
Sensitivity(12dB SINAD) 0.2μV (Wide) 0.25μV (Narrow)
Squelch Sensitivity 0.15μV (Wide) 0.2μV (Narrow)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥ 70dB (Wide) / ≥65dB (Narrow)
Intermodulation ≥ 55dB
Spurious Rejection ≥ 55dB
Image Rejection ≥ 55dB
FM Ham and Noise ≤-45dB(Wide) / ≤ -40dB(Narrow)
Modulation Type F3E
Operating Bandwidth ≤±7KHz / ≤±5KHz
Audio Distortion ≤ 5%

Handheld license free walkie talkie Technical parameters:

Frequency range 462.5500-462.7250MHz
Channel 16
Operation voltage 3.7V
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm
Operation temperature 20°C-+50°C
Dimension(without antenna) 124x56x33mm
Weigh(with battery) 185g
Maximum deviation <=2.5KHz
Spurious emission <=7.5uW
Adjacent channel power <=-60dB
SNR >=-40dB
Modulation sensitivity 8-12mV
Transmission current <=1.2A
Sensitivity -122dBm (12dB SINAD)
Audio distortion <=10%
Intermediation >=60dB
Adjacent channel selectivity >=60dB
Clutter suppression >=65dB
Receiver current <=380mA

Rapid Six way charger Specification:

  • Input 5V/4A
  • Output:4.2V
  • Charging current :500mA(per pocket)
  • Dimension:25 x 20 x 6cm/9.84 x 7.87 x 2.36in
  • Weight:965g/34.04oz(include adapter)

Omni-Directional Base Station Receiving and Transmitting Antenna Specification:

Brand          Retevis
Model MA01
Color Silvery White
Frequency 390-470MHz
Gain 4dBi
Support Power 100W
S.W.R <1.2
Element 3
Length 45.7inch(116cm)
Weight 0.748kg

Pure Cupper Low Loss Coaxial Extend Cable Features:

  1. It is extendable that boosts the signal of your repeater significantly
  2. Super Gainer Low Loss Coaxial Cable
  3. Suitable for Retevis RT97 repeater
  4. Material: pure copper
  5. Impedance: 50Ω
  6. Return loss: VHF≥20dB UHF≥15dB
  7. Connector plug: SL16
  8. Cable diameter: 5mm / 0.2inch
  9. Cable Length: 15 meter
  10. Weight: 660g

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