Stand-alone management software

In outdoor adventures, affected by trees/hills/water moorings/distance. It is difficult to locate the player’s position. Retevis stand-alone version positioning software, with no network support, can use the duplicated repeater with DMR GPS two-way radio to accurately mark the position of the walkie-talkie.

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More and more people are participating in wilderness activities, wild hiking, mountain climbing, forest exploration and other wild activities. These activities are dangerous. In order to ensure the comfort and safety of camping in the wild, the camping essentials need to be complete. Tent, floor cloth, moisture-proof mat, sleeping bag, special boiler, pot cooker, medicine, emergency food, lighting supplies, backpack, purse or bag, kettle, survival whistle, communication tools, etc., also need field survival knowledge. Mobile phones are communication items that must be carried, but they are often not available in the wild because there is no signal. It is recommended to carry a walkie-talkie or a professional GPS. The mobile GPS positioning digital trunking system can solve these problems more perfectly.

Mobile GPS positioning digital cluster solution

The mobile GPS positioning digital trunking system is a device capable of carrying mobile. GPS data can be transmitted to the computer via radio. With the offline map, you can mark the specific location of the person in real time. You can also set up an electronic fence. Timely discovery of someone deep into the danger zone.

The system can operate independently as a private network, or can be connected to a cluster system through a network or 4G signal. In this way, the private network intercom can be independent of the public network in the work, and also supports multi-base stations and transit interconnections supported by the public network link, realizing real-time intercommunication between the regions and the regions.

Scheme topology

  • GPS real-time positioning

  • Digital fence

  • Scalable network

  • Easy to carry

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