Multi regional collaborative operation system

Provide communication support for the coordinated operation of multiple office areas of the enterprise. Through the World Wide Web. Let the branches and factories around the world be close at hand.

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In order to increase production capacity, enterprises need to cooperate with each other. Fast, stable communication is a must. If the company has multiple office locations: head office, assembly plant, and parts factory. Different work locations may be very far apart. At this time, communication became a very difficult problem.

Enterprise Graphic

Multi regional collaborative operation system

Internet walkie-talkie repeaters can link to other repeaters through the civilian Internet. As long as there is a network, it can be arranged. Not limited by distance. It costs a lot less than the traditional link solution. The solution is more simplified and easy to construct.

And you can control each node through the service desk: boot, shutdown, restart, settings and other operations. Daily maintenance has also become much simpler.

Scheme topology

Cooperative operation plan
  • Internet walkie-talkie repeater, no fear of distance.

  • DMR digital relay, can achieve tribute multi-function.

  • Remote control and easy maintenance.

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