Outdoor xtreme paintball Dedicated Radio Communication Kit Solution

Cycle between obstacles, discover the best hiding places, and enjoy a rush of adrenaline with our paintball games with colleagues in Auch. War game scenarios are designed to show leadership or create synergy in the team. Strengthen your team with this strategy game, ideal as a teambuilding activity.

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Outdoor xtreme paintball is a very team-oriented game. Team members are generally divided into riflemen, machine gunners, defenders, patrols, scouts, etc. In order to win the game, you still need to use a lot of tactics. Need to communicate frequently in cooperation. But you can’t speak loudly in the game, the more prominent it is, the easier it is to be eliminated.



Alternate screen

Alternate screen

Entry level Kit – Outdoor xtreme paintball

  • The RT19 Walkie Talkies has a scramble function that no longer has to be monitored.

  • Multi-function Radio Case Holder can be worn on one shoulder, hung around the waist and hung on the chest.

  • The C earhook earpiece is designed to let go, and the spring wire is stretchable.

Entry level Kit

Advanced Kit – Outdoor xtreme paintball

  • RT66 Walkie Talkies has 8 sets of scrambling codes, which can set different voice and password for different channels.

  • The Multi-function Chest Pocket Backpack is very sturdy. And you can carry more equipment.

  • The Helmet Headset MIC can be used with goggles. The dual speaker talk is clearer. The microphone can be fixed near the mouth for hands-free calling. Finger PTT, the operation is the most simplified.

Advanced Kit

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