Overview of digital wireless intercom system solutions for college campuses

Mainly used in: daily management of the campus, security inspection, emergency handling, unified management of multiple campuses.

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As a common communication tool, the wireless walkie-talkie has been widely used in the fields of security protection, positioning inspection, etc., basically providing one for each security personnel. However, due to the influence of environmental factors, there are communication blind spots in certain floors of the teaching building and underground parking lots. There are more and more large comprehensive schools, and each college is divided into different independent campuses. This requires building a digital trunking system that is connected to the security center to ensure the smooth flow of information.

In addition, the communication system between the classroom and the main control room on the campus adopts the traditional communication system, which is prone to busy, has teaching accidents, and effectively utilizes the communication function of the wireless digital relay system, which saves communication costs and is easy to contact at the same time. Group of people.



Classroom, library

Classroom, library

Overview of digital wireless intercom system solutions for college campuses

Meet the linkage between campus and security center, each department, and meet the communication requirements of classrooms and main control room. It can also be applied to campus monitoring system, campus fire protection, campus broadcasting system, and can also be applied to class, department and college level command. The center and school-level leaders can link and realize the integration of various systems to truly realize the science and technology security campus. The campus security intercom system consists of three parts: control host, relay control, and security intercom terminal.

Search and rescue (SAR) radio communication solution

The main control call, the school security system personnel handheld terminal can realize full-person, group real-time call, free from terrain, environment and space, and the call quality is clear and without interference.

Emergency alarm: deploy intercom terminals in the classroom, campus corridors, dormitory corridors or dormitory deployment intercom terminals. You only need to press the emergency button to realize the alarm linkage function with the school security center or public security bureau.

Teaching order: When there is chaotic order in the classroom, it can also be linked with the head teacher and the principal’s room. You can always understand and deal with this type of problem.

Monitoring linkage: The system provides and monitors the linkage interface to realize the integration with the campus monitoring system and the emergency linkage. After the alarm is realized, the audio signal and monitoring information of the monitoring center are displayed in time.

Monitor recording: The system can monitor and monitor the environment of the intercom terminal in real time, and record the monitoring. All calls initiated by the intercom terminal can be recorded in the whole system, and recording management and query are provided.

Hierarchical management: For unrecognized alarms and business consultations, it can be transferred to other staff for processing. The system can view the operating status of all terminals in each sub-center and can initiate calls. The monitoring center staff can contact the sub-center staff at any time. Task assignment.


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