Portable mini repeater

Activities such as music festivals/racing are very concentrated. The mobile phone base station is blocked and cannot communicate. Field managers use the mini-relay station for rapid networking. Better maintain the order of the site.

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Music festivals, racing, large conferences and more. The number of participants is very large, ranging from a thousand to a few thousand. Organizing such activities, the security issue becomes more important. Organize and coordinate the departments, maintain the order of the venue, handle unexpected situations, and so on.

Due to the concentration of people, mobile communication systems are prone to blockage. A set of independent communication solutions that can communicate with multiple people, respond quickly, and communicate smoothly are needed. However, the venue is often temporary. Old communication facilities cannot meet management needs. New equipment is not worthwhile.

In addition, the professional intercom system needs to obtain a license to operate. This also greatly increases the cost of learning.


Mobile relay system solution

With the mobile repeater Retevis RT97 as the core, the multi-access power supply is combined to create a mobile relay system. Use it with the exempted GMRS walkie-talkie. Can solve this problem perfectly.

Scheme topology

Scheme topology
  • The device can be reused at a low cost.
  • GMRS equipment operating documents are easy to obtain.
  • The equipment is small and the construction system is simple.
  • It is suitable for three power supply modes: mains, vehicle power supply and 12V DC power supply.

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