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RT1 10W Powerful Two Way Radio(UHF/VHF)

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*10W High Power long-range handheld analog Two-way Radio 

*3000mAh large capacity Li-ion battery

*260hours long standby or 12-24 hours continue use

*Compact Structure and Solid Buttons for business use

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RT1 High Power long-range UHF / VHF Analog Business Two Way Radio


  • 1750HZ tone: Convenient to connect the repeater, launching further distance
  • TOT: Prevent the user to occupy the channel for a long time
  • Side-key assignment: With the program software, you can set up the function you like; It is convenient to operate
  • VOX transmitting/sensitivity adjustable: Help you easily transmitted signal through voice without press the PTT key
  • Scanning: Allow you to scan either channels or privacy codes within a channel to locate conversations in progress
  • High/Low power selectable: Allow you to select high or low power according to the actual situation
  • Emergency Alarm: When the user is in danger situation, press the Emergency Alarm button to call for help
  • High-power, Retevis original powerful radio to make the communication distance farther
  • If you are looking for a long-range two-way radio, the radio must be your dish, which power is 10W and range up to the far distance, high gain antenna and Common antenna Increase calling distance, you do not worry about with your partners with distance in outdoors.
  • High-capacity battery, Long standby time
  • 3000mAh High-capacity battery, it will work a long time and has 260 hours long standby time.
  • True high power, strong penetrability, stable signal, and long life; 1-year warranty and 7 days no reason to return. Best Price and customer service; Just try it. 


    • High-power. The communication distance farther
    • High-capacity battery, Long standby time
    • The Scrambler to ensure the communication confidentiality
    • Two Antenna (High gain antenna and Common antenna), Increase your calling distance
  • Package Include:

  • 1 x  Portable radio
  • 2 x  Antenna(High gain antenna and Common antenna)
  • 1 x Polymer  Li-ion battery pack
  • 1 x  Adapter(US UK EU AU Plug)
  • 1 x  Charger
  • 1 x Belt  clip
  • 1 x User´s  manual


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Model RT1
Frequency Range UHF:400-520MHz/VHF:136-174MHz
Channel capacity 16
Output power High:10W/Low:5W
Operating Voltage 7.2V DC
Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
Working Temperature -20°C~+50°C
Frequency Spacing 12.5kHz/25kHz
Battery capacity 3000mAh
Color Black
Dimension(Exclude    antenna) 133x59x36mm
Weight(Include Battery) 272g
3600mAh polymer Li-ion Battery Yes
260 hours long standby    time Yes
CTCSS/DCS non-standby    code Yes
High/Low power selectable Yes
English/Chinese Voice    prompt Yes
VOX sensitivity    adjustable Yes
10W/5W power switch with    side-key operation Yes
10 Watt ultra-high output    power Yes
High/Low voltage TX    selection Yes
PC program protection Yes
COMP/Scrambler Yes
Voice companding function Yes
Bandwidth    selectable(12.5/25kHz Yes
Battery save function Yes
1750Hz tone Yes
Squelch adjustment    function Yes
End-tone elimination Yes
Receiving alarm Yes
Time-out-timer(TOT) Yes
Side-key assignment Yes
Low-battery alert Yes
Busy channel lock Yes
VOX transmitting Yes
Scanning Yes
Working mode Simplex or semi-duplex
Modulation type 16KF¢3E
Spurious radiation <=7.5µW
Modulated noise <-40dB
Modulation distortion <55
Frequency stability 5ppm
Max Fr. Deviation <=±5kHz
Current <=2600mA
Audio response +6.5—-14dB
Adjacent Ch. Power >=65dB
Intermediation    sensitivity 8-12mv
Sensitivity <=0.2V
Occupied bandwidth <=16kHz
Selectivity >=65dB
intermediation >=55dB
Audio power 1W
Audio distortion <=5%
Frequency stability 5ppm
Current 80mA(when standby)     220mA(when working)
Audio response +7—12.5dB

Retevis RT1 Brochures

Retevis RT1 Program Software

Retevis RT1 Manual

Retevis RT1 German Manual

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