RT49P Waterproof Floating Walkie Talkies(FRS/PMR446)

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*Float under water

*SOS function(Red light flash)

* Light flash on the water

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Rugged IP67 Waterproof Floating Walkie Talkies
First number “6” means Protection against solid objects including dust, and "6" is the highest level.Second number “7” means Protection against liquids including water, and it could be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour, not just rainy weather resisted.

Floats design with Water-activated Flashlight
RT49P/RT649P waterproof floating walkie talkies, floats on water in case it’s dropped into water; And the Flashlight will flash with white led light, so it help you locate it.

Dual Power-through your adventures
A. Micro-USB Charging, Insure full charges of radios using a portable solar unit or portable charger. RT49P use Standard NiMH rechargeable batteries for up to 13 hours(5-5-90), RT49P/RT649P use Standard NiMH rechargeable batteries for up to 23 hours(5-5-90)
B. 3 AA Batteries supported, you could buy them easily.

Dual Watch
Set another monitor channel by hand and start Dual Watch, one channel displays while you could monitor two channels at once.

LAMP-Built-in Flashlight with White LED / Yellow Button-Night vision with Red LED
It lights your way especially for evening or dark activities or unexpected emergencies.

NOAA features in FRS radio service
RT49P/RT649P waterproof floating walkie talkies know the weather in advance, so you could keep updated with real-time weather conditions.

Hands-free operation
It will automatically begin transmitting and Keep your hands free to talk. VOX means "voice-operated exchanged" or" voice activated transmission".

Backlit Display: so you can easily read the display information.

Roger Beep: it indicates the end of transmission.

10 Call Tones: Transmit different call tones to other radios, so you can alert them that you want to talk. Meantimes, you could also hear.

Keypad Tones:You could turn it off alternatively according to different time & environments.

Low battery alert: it reminds you batteries are running lowly.

Monitor: When activated, it allows the receiver to hear what's happening on the channle frequency.

Scanning:It continuously scans all channels for activity , to detect a channel avaliable during the scanning process.

180s TOT(Timeout Timer): If the "TALK" button is held down for too long, the radio will automatically stop transmitting.

It is intended to prevent accidental transmissions and to save battery life.

They are there to protect the radio, and to protect resources like repeaters and public frequency.

Power Battery Saver automatically: when it has a "low power" mode, it will switch to automatically after being left unused for a certain amount of time.

Squelch: it is to suppress the annoying sound of channel noise when the radio is not receiving a transmission.

With 22 or 16 channels optional, Each with 121 Privacy Codes: 2,662 or 1936 combinations in total, it’s easy to find an available channel nearby;

Compatible with others: Make sure all has the same frequency and privacy codes (CCTCS/DCS), so they could talk with each other

Keypad lock:it prevents your personalized settings from being inadvertently changed.

Packge Include:

2 x RT49P Two Way Radio
6 x NiMH Batteries
2 x Belt Clip
1 x USB charging Cable
1 x Drop-in charging tray
1 x Charger adapter
1 x User Manual

Frequency Rangefrs:  FRS: 462.5500-467.7125(NOAA161.6500-162.5500MHz) OR PMR: 446.00625-446.19375MHz
Memory Channel 22CH (FRS)OR16CH (PMR446) Optional
Operation Voltage DC 3.6V / DC4.5V
Battery Capacity 1200mAh
Operating Temperature -20℃-+60℃
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
RF Output Power FRS: 2.0W/0.5W(Hi/Low)ORPMR: 0.5W
Spurious Emission ≤-13dBm
Transmission current ≤1.3A
Receive Sensitivity -125dBm
Adjacent Channel Selectivity -125dBm
Inter Modulation and Rejection ≥60dB
Rated Audio Power Output ≥450mW (4.5V)
Rated Audio Distortion ≤5% (60% volume)
Receive Current ≤300mA

Retevis RT49P Brochure

Retevis RT49P English Manual

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