Building situation

Total area:10435.19m².Number of floors: 9 floors.There is a parking lot, a street storefront, and a guard room.The roof is wide and the antenna can be installed.

9-story building


In order to be able to use it around the clock,Increased lightning rod and Type Coaxial Lighting Surge Protector


Making antenna bracket

Soldering antenna fixed arm

Bracket base

Solder the antenna support rod to the base.
Oblique support
Solder the lightning rod to the lightning rod holder.
Soldering conductive lead fixing bolt


Antenna installation

Secure the FRP antenna to the cross arm.

Connect the conductive leads to the lightning rod

Coaxial Cable installation

Finishing feeders and conductive leads
Conductive leads are connected to the building ground.

The work on the roof is completed.

Install RT97 Repeater

Connect the power supply.Connect Type Coaxial Lighting Surge Protector.

Surge Protector’s conductive lead grounding.

System communication test

The RT97 Repeater can store 16 sets of channel information.

Press and hold the up arrow button to view the sub-audio of the current channel.

Press and hold the down arrow button to turn the key lock on or off.

Tonglian success: