Shopping mall and supermarket radio communication solutions

Large shopping mall managers radio communication. Supermarket staff radio communication.

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Today’s large shopping malls are compound. It includes many areas such as shopping area, entertainment area, leisure area, food area and parking lot. For better management and better service experience. Managers need to maintain even communication.

There are more and more categories of goods in supermarkets. The space is getting bigger and bigger. Timely and convenient communication is required between replenishment, shopping guide, cleaning, settlement, customer service desk and other departments.

Tunnel excavation

Shopping mall

Tunnel excavation


Shopping mall and supermarket radio communication solutions

The area of each area of Shopping mall and supermarket is not very large. Only the space is divided by buildings, and the environment is more complicated. It is more prone to signal dead angles. An antenna with a small power setting in each area can be covered. The RT92 IP Networking Repeater has a maximum power of 50W. It is divided into 10 5W signal sources by the power splitter. Can cover 10 different areas. This ensures that the radio signals between the 10 regions are stable and the communication is smooth.

Retevis RT92 IP Networking Repeater, which can connect 3 repeaters via the network. Form the network. Radio communication is possible without geographical restrictions.

Scheme topology

  • Support P2P network transmission, communication is not geographically restricted.

  • DMR Digital Repeater, low system cost.

  • Support digital voice encryption, communication is more secure.

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