Vehicle dispatch system

Logistics companies need to be able to know the location and speed of the vehicle at any time. This ensures that the vehicle can complete the transportation task safely and quickly. Improve overall operational efficiency for greater revenue.

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The operational efficiency of logistics companies directly affects the company’s profitability. Therefore, large logistics companies will install professional GPS tracking equipment and voice communication equipment for vehicles. But for small and medium-sized logistics companies or individual group operations teams, it is obviously too expensive. It is necessary to purchase a convenient, maintenance-free, and low-cost vehicle dispatch system.

Logistics company demand

Vehicle dispatch system

The public network walkie-talkie can communicate via the mobile phone network. Only the traffic fee is required. This model can be as convenient as a private network walkie-talkie. The public network machine can upload GPS positioning information to a dedicated server. With its dedicated management software, you can check the location of the vehicle on the computer side. And you can use the software to directly call the vehicle terminal. The server does not need to be built by itself, and it is rented in the same way as software. The cost is very low.

Scheme topology

vehicle dispatching Scheme topology
  • The device does not need to be installed and the system is easy to maintain.

  • Simply purchase terminal equipment at a low cost.

  • The server does not need to be built independently, and the lease can be. And the service fee is so low that it can be ignored.

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