RA25 Long Range GMRS Solution Bundle For Farm Communication

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It will make your farm communication got easier.

The bundle contains the powerful RA25 20-Watt GMRS Radio and two RB27 GMRS walkie talkies making communication from tractor operator to field support a button push away. The RETEVIS RA25 also works great for communication between combines, self-propelled sprayers and forage harvesters, UTVs, semi and pickup trucks, and many other farm applications. The RB27 features 30 Channels and 8 repeater channels, 11 NOAA weather alert channels and USB port for charging mobile devices. 
Compatible with Retevis GMRS walkie talkies.

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Retevis RB27 and RA25 GMRS Set 

* Full GMRS set with Handheld GMRS walkie talkie and mobile GMRS radio

* Include full set of installation tools

* Support NOAA

* screen display and easy keyboard operation

* High-quality Magnet mount and antenna combination

Retevis RB27 GMRS handheld radio Features:

•Brand: Retevis
•Model: RB27
•Large-screen LCD display, multi-function keyboard and two-color injection molding design, highlighting individuality 
•Support Type-C direct charging and charging dock, making battery life more convenient
•LED flashlight, sound and light alarm function, escort your safety
•5W/0.5W RF output
•99 intercom channel storage (1-30 fixed frequency, power, narrowband) 6, 10 kinds of call ring tones are optional
•Relay activation audio 1750HZ, 1450HZ, 2100HZ optional
•FM radio function (receiving frequency 87~108MHz)

Retevis RA25 GMRS Mobile Radio Features:

1.Adopt superior quality material, better technology, and high-quality radiator to ensure stable and durable operation;
2.1.44 Inch TFT display;
3.30 programmable memory channels, identified by editing name;
4.CTCSS, DCS, DTMF, 2Tone, 5Tone setting for each single channel,
5.11 groups fixed scrambler code plus self define scrambler code;
6.LCD brightness control;
7.Main unit and microphone key lock function;
8.Compander function;
9.Tone Pulse frequency.

Antenna Features:

  • Model :Retevis MR100
  • Frequency Range : 144/430MHz(136-174 MHz&400-470MHz)
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Maximum Power: 70 W
  • Gain: 2.15/3.5dBi
  • Connector type: SL16/PL259
  • Coaxial cable type:RG58 C/U
  • Coaxial cable length:3.9m/12.79ft
  • Height(Magnet mount&Antenna):479mm/18.86in
  • Diameter of Chassis:90mm/3.54in
  • Weight(Magnet mount&Antenna):550g/1.21lb

Package Include:

1x Retevis RA25 GMRS Mobile radio set

1x Magnet mount antenna

2x Retevis RB27 GMRS radio include charger adapter

Retevis RA25 Mobile GMRS radio specification:


Frequency Range

GMRS: TX: 462.5500-467.7250MHz RX:462.5500-462.7250MHz


Number of Channels

30 channels

Channel Spacing

25K (Wide Band) 12.5K (Narrow band)

Phase-locked Step


Operating Voltage

DC 13.8V±15% (Standard version)
DC 12V~28V (Optional version)



Frequency Stability


Operating Temperature





0.45kg (mian unit)



Wide band

Narrow band<=0.25µV

Sensitivity (12dB Sinad)



Adjacent Channel Selectivity



Audio Response



Hum & Noise



Audio distortion


Audio power output

> 2W@10%



Wide band

Narrow band

Power Output





Adjacent Channel Power



Hum & Noise



Spurious Emission



Audio Response



Audio Distortion


Retevis RB27 GMRS handheld radio Specification:

General Specifications

Frequency Range

GMRS:TX 462.5500-467.7250MHz / RX:462.5500-462.7125MHz

Channel Capacity

30 GMRS Channels + 11 NOAA Weather

Operation Voltage

DC7.4V ±10%

Battery Capacity

1500mAH (Li-Ion)

Frequency Stability


Operating Temperature

20°C to +60°C

Mode of Operation


Antenna Impedance



FM Modulation


Spurious Emission

13dBm<1GHz, -13dBm>1GHz

Adjacent Channel Power

60dB @ 12.5 KHz

Transmission current



Receive Sensitivity

0.25µV (12dB SINAD)

Adjacent Channel Selectivity


Inter Modulation and Rejection


Conducted Spurious Emission


Rated Audio Power Output

1W @16ohms

Receive current


Rated Audio Distortion


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