Off-road GMRS Radio
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Ideal for dirt bikes, RVs, ATVs, UTVs, team communications and more.

Why Choose Off-Road Two-Way Radio?

When going out, using radio to stay in touch not only enhances team collaboration but also greatly enhances our safety packaging.

When you are in an area without mobile signal service and cannot conveniently use your phone for communication. Off road radio can not only help you solve communication problems, but also VOX allows you to operate the vehicle more safely.

VHF and UHF radios are the best choice for most off-road enthusiasts.

Off-Road Radios Star Products

5W GMRS Two Way Radio cooperates with 20w/40w GMRS Mobile Radio to obtain long-distance calls. And it can be connected with a portable repeater to obtain a calling distance of up to 50km.

It is simple to operate, easy to maintain, has stable reception, and has good compatibility and can be compatible with various types of broadcast signals.

The audio quality is high, it effectively suppresses surrounding noise and interference, and has strong anti-interference ability..