About Retevissolutions

For over 10 years, Retevis Solutions has focus on two-way radio technology, introducing unique function license free radio and amateur radio features technology to the market. Today, Retevis Solutions has become a solution supplier with rich practical experience. Headquartered in ShenZhen City, the heart of the economic, the Retevis Solutions represents quality, value and reliability.Retevis Solution's business has spread all over North America, Europe and Asia.

All our Complete Two-Way Radio Communication Systems are a great way to get all your radio communication system needs in one complete package. Retevis radio solution Systems feature rugged Retevis Radios & High-Quality repeater, antenna & Crew Gear, & Accessories. Reliable & Built to Last. Pick up a complete radio communications system from Retevis Solutions today. Our team will ensure you get the radio communication gear you need—we can even create custom solutions for those with specific needs.