Handheld GMRS Two way Radio

Going the distance of 5W GMRS handheld two way radio with FCC certifications, NOAA and larger battery GMRS handheld two way radio for family outdoor activities, waterproof GMRS handheld two way radio. Get the one you are looking for.

Mobile GMRS Radio

High power Mobile GMRS radio will bring you a longer call distance, and this is allowed by the FCC, you can use them as long as you get the GMRS license. Make your radio calling distance longer, get the best GMRS mobile radio from Retevis Solutions.

GMRS Repeater

GMRS repeater can ensure that GMRS handheld walkie-talkie users can make clear calls when they are several miles apart, which greatly improves the communication range of GMRS walkie-talkies. GMRS repeaters play an important role in solving daily long-distance walkie-talkie communications and emergency communications.

POC Handset