RA86 GMRS mobile radio with RB19P GMRS two-way radios-- Long range GMRS bundle
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RA86 GMRS mobile radio with RB19P GMRS two-way radios-- Long range GMRS bundle

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*NOAA-Weather Radio
*Clear sound in noisy environment
*RB19P supports type-c charging
*Long distance bundle: 8km-15km

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RA86 GMRS mobile radio with RB19P GMRS two-way radios-- Long range GMRS bundle

RA86 GMRS Mobile Radio with RB19P GMRS Two-Way Radio is a long range GMRS bundle. Comes with NOAA functionality. Calls are clear in noisy environments, supports type-c charging, and can reach a distance of 8km-15km. Very suitable for tractors, combine harvesters, off-road vehicles, RVs and summer camps.


Compatible with other radios:
Setting the same frequency and tone can support the connection of car radio and handheld walkie-talkie, and can connect RT97-RT97 or longer talking distance.

Long range GMRS communication kit:
Mobile two-way radios with antennas, RB19P and RA86 are both GMRS and can be used right out of the box.

NOAA Weather Channel:
RB19P has 11 weather channels, and RA86 has 10 optional weather channels, supporting scanning and alarm; providing more comprehensive weather information.

Clear sound in noisy environment:
Choose to turn on the microphone and all speakers in the radio or turn on one individually for clearer reception.

easy to use:
RA86 is a fully integrated handheld microphone for fast operation at close range; RB19P has a 2000mAh battery and supports USB-C charging.

Read content quickly:
RA86 has a variety of backlight colors to choose from; RB19P has an LCD screen to quickly view the current channel.

retevis ra87-rb19p-long-range-bundle

Package includes:
1 x RA86 20W GMRS mobile radio
2 x RB19P 5W GMRS two way radio
1 x 2 dBi antenna
1 x user manual

overall parameters-RA86
Modulation FM
Frequency Range GMRS(462.5625-467.725)
frequency error ±500Hz
Operating Voltage 12.6-14.4V
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
bandwidth 12.5kHz/20kHz
Working current ≤3.3A Hi power
≤1.8A Lo power
Operating temperature -30℃-+55℃
TX parameters
transmit power ≥18W Hi power
4.5-6W Lo power
Spurious RF components ≤-60dBC ≤-13dbm
Transmit SNR ≥35
modulation limit ≤2.5KHZ(N)
≤5KHZ(W)@Repeater Channel
Adjacent power ≤-65dBc ≤-60dBc
Modulation Sensitivity 5-15mV
audio pre-emphasis -3~-7@AF=500Hz -6±3@AF=500Hz
3-7@AF=2KHz 6±3@AF=2KHz
RX parameters
Receiver sensitivity ≤-122m@SINAD=12dB
audio output 3.2V-4.2V@8R SPK   3.2v-4.2v@8R SPK  @AF=1KHz.FM Devation=1.5KHZ
reception distortion ≤5.0% ≤8%
Receive SNR ≥40 ≥36
receive blocking ≥80 ≥75
co-channel rejection ≤-12
lane selectivity ≥70
audio de-emphasis 2~6@AF=500Hz 6±3@AF=500Hz




Frequency Range:462 MHz Length: 165 mm
Impedance: 50 V Diameter of Chassis:φ39.5 mm
VSWR: ≤1.5 connector: SL16-J
Gain: 2 dBi Coaxial Cable: RG-174
Polarization: Vertical Length of Cable: 5 m
Radiation: Omni
Maximum Power Input-watts: 50 W


GENERAL Frequency Range GMRS
Rated Voltage 3.7V DC
Memory Channel 30
Battery 2000mAh
Frequency Sensitivity ±0.5ppm
Antenna Impendance 50Ω
Operation Temperature Range -30℃~+60℃
Modulation type FM(F3E)
Modulation distortion <5%
Max FR.Deviation ≤5KHz
Spurious Radiation ≤7.5μW
Emission Current ≤1800mA
Preemphasis Character Per Octave 6dB
RECEIVER Sensitivity <0.16μV(12dB  SINAD)
Itermodulation Interference Resistance ≥60dB
Receiving Current ≤300mA
Standby Current ≤20mA
Audio distortion <5%
Audio power ≥300mW

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