RA86 and RB26 Compact GMRS two way radio Bundle
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RA86 and RB26 Compact GMRS two way radio Bundle

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A compact GMRS handheld and mobile radio bundle, Retevis RB26 is a mini compact portable gmrs radio. RA86 is a compact gmrs mobile radio with antenna, all the gmrs radios are gmrs repeater capable, fit for family vacations, family farm communications.

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Retevis RA86 and RB26 COMPACT GMRS radio bundle

This compact GMRS two way radio bundle includes a 20W Retevis RA86 mini GMRS mobile radio, and 2pcs 3W Retevis RB26 compact GMRS portable radio, the mini and compact radio bundle is very fit for family use.  easy and simple operation, bringing every family member a convenient user experience. All these GMRS radios in the bundle support connect GMRS repeaters, you can use them to connect GMRS repeaters nearby.

Retevis RA86 and RB26 COMPACT GMRS radio bundle Features:

Long talking Range

Retevis RA86 GMRS mobile is 20W, Retevis RB26 is 3W, can bring you long talking range.

Compact size fit for all family members' use. The Retevis RA86host size is 4.46*4.6*1.18inch, the handheld microphone of RA86 is 2.4*3.78inch, the RB26 gmrs handheld radio is 4.17*2.4*1.34inch, both of them are all very compact.

simple Design, Easy Use; You can use them out of box, or use the original program cable set your own tones to get private calls. The RA86 with integrated microphones, and RB26 with simple design, all of them are easy to operate, and fit for radio beginner use.

GMRS repeater capable; Retevis RA86 and Retevis RA26 are all GMRS repeaters capable, you can sue them to connect them to your own GMRS repeater, or the GMRS repeaters around you to get a longer calling distance.

A complete GMRS bundle you can use directly, we supply the antenna for the RA86 radio, the program cables you need to program RA86 and RB26 radios. no need you to buy any other accessories separately.

Retevis RA86 NOAA and NOAA Alert feature fit for family outdoor use and supply timely NOAA weather information when you are on vacation or farming.

RB26 flashlight function brings family members a more convenient use at the night.

Recommended application scenarios:

Family travel: You can install RA86 in the family car, and RB26 is used to keep in touch with family members after arriving at the destination. It can keep everyone in touch and ensure safety. You can also check the GMRS repeater information along the way in advance before traveling, and connect the GMRS repeater along the way, which will also make the journey more interesting.

Family farm: Small family farms, solve the communication between tractors and ground personnel, you can install RA86 GMRS mobile in the tractor of the family farm, and RB26 to other family members, you can keep in touch with each other, improve the efficiency of farming, and ensure safety. When your farm area expands, you can equip them with Retevis RT97 GMRS repeaters to extend their calling distance. Their squelch function allows you to get clearer calls in farm communication.

Package Include:

2X Retevis RB26 compact GMRS radio

1X Retevis RA86 GMRS mobile radio

1X program cable for RB26

1X program cable for RA86

1X user manual

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