two way radio for agriculture use
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GMRS Two Way Radio for Family Farm use

Retevis Solutions Supply GMRS two way radio, GMRS mobiles, GMRS repeaters and long range radio solutions for family farms.

The GMRS two way radio we sell can meet the daily communication needs of small family farms. These reliable and rugged radios are perfect for combines, tractors, sprayers, ATVs, UTVs, pickups, semi-trucks, skid steers, backhoes and more. This enables stable, clear calls and ensures worker efficiency and safety.

Our GMRS repeaters are used to extend the two-way radio communication range on farms. After using our GMRS repeaters on your farm, you can form your own base station to obtain a wider range of communication distance and easily solve problems such as unstable calls and signal blind spots.

Our GMRS radio bundle convenience for family farms that require a complete radio solution, whether it is a new communication system or a replacement for an existing one, Retevis Solutions' GMRS radio Solutions set always satisfies the family farm customer.

Approval from Our farm customers

I like the interface, the size, and the program-ability. It is a good size for a 20 watt radio. It fits well in my Combine, and seems to deliver a strong signal. For mobile use, I have paired it with a rb27, which seems to work quite well. I used a magnet mount for the antenna.

- Don

My tractor use RA25, I and my wife use RT76, retevis gmrs help us communicate during planting,harvest and other farm activities. Thank you guys!

- Anderson Farm

Once again, a great product, quick delivery, everything I wanted in a walky/talky, everything comes together and these Radios work pretty good, so far. They will respond to other Radios and repeaters.

- AL Farm

These radios have been fantastic for keeping us in instant communication with our farm crew!


 Great Radio, Loud Speaker!The quality of the chassis and the display are outstanding. I also like the small size. One of the best features for a Truck is the VERY lound speaker. It's the best I've encountered on a GMRS or even CB radio. Perfect for a noisy tractor, even with the top down! This is a powerful radio in a perfact package!


Mounted it on my John Deere 4450. power is great with me getting 8.5 watts on low, 13.8 watts on medium, and 23 watts on high which is great for a radio being advertised at 20 watts (really looks good on your company). Worked like a champ. Haven't tested the radio for range yet, or programmed it with the included cable.

-Brian Ellis