RA86 NOAA GMRS Mobile Radio with MR300 50w Antenna Bundle
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RA86 NOAA GMRS Mobile Radio with MR300 50w Antenna Bundle

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Fully integrated control microphone makes operation more convenient.

NOAA weather forecast, keep informed of weather changes.

20w gmrs mobile radio, medium to large power.

MR300 6.5dB fiberglass antenna with anti-collision spring base

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RA86 NOAA GMRS Mobile Radio with MR300 50w Antenna Bundle

Retevis RA86 NOAA GMRS Mobile Wireless with MR300 50W Fiberglass Antenna Bundle. is a 20w high power, NOAA, 30 GMRS channel, mobile GMRS two-way radio with an integrated control microphone. With the 50w fiberglass antenna, the transmission distance is longer! Suitable for off-road vehicles, jeeps, tractors, combine harvesters, etc. It is very convenient to use in farms, pastures and outdoor scenes.

gmrs mobile radio


GMRS mobile radio;
22 GMRS channels; compatible with walkie-talkies; 8 relay channels; extended communication distance. A total of 99 GMRS direct channels + 8 GMRS relay channels

Fully integrated control microphone;
Easy to operate; place mobile radio base anywhere in vehicle; stow radio unit away; save dashboard space

NOAA Weather Alerts;
10 weather channels; support scanning and alarm; understand the latest weather information; facilitate timely adjustment of itinerary.

LCD Monitor; 
4 backlight colors; 3. Adjustable backlight brightness; better visibility; convenient for understanding the status of mobile phone stations throughout the day.

microphone gain;
Increases microphone signal amplitude; better speaker sound quality; audible sound output; 3 levels selected.

privacy code;
50 CTCSS 210 DCS tone; 5720 channel selections; two ways to display code values or groups; effectively eliminate communication interference; press the PTT+scan key and turn on the mobile phone intercom to cancel code matching.

2 dB gain antenna;
Suction cup antenna; easy to fix on the car; extends communication distance; makes it easy to communicate with your partner even when you are far apart.

The antenna is made of fiberglass material; the antenna is resistant to rain corrosion and supports long-term use

spring base;
The spring seat has high elasticity; when the car vibrates while driving, it can bend the antenna; effectively reducing damage to the antenna

Installation is stable;
Use bolts instead of screws to secure the antenna; even when the car vibrates; allows the antenna to remain stable for use

Strong compatibility;
The antenna has strong compatibility; can be easily used with different GMRS mobile radios; compatible with Retevis RA25 RB86 RA86 Midland MXT575 MXT500 MXT275VP4 MXT400 and Midland GMRS mobile two-way radios, etc.

Ease of use;
6.5dB gain antenna, effectively extending the communication distance; the black bracket can easily fix the antenna to the car.

Package includes:
1X Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile Tractor Wireless
1X 2dB antenna
1X MR300 6dB fiberglass antenna
1X spring base
1X 5m feeder
1X User Manual
overall parameters
Modulation FM
Frequency Range GMRS(462.5625-467.725)
frequency error ±500Hz
Operating Voltage 12.6-14.4V
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
bandwidth 12.5kHz/20kHz
Working current ≤3.3A Hi power
≤1.8A Lo power
Operating temperature -30℃-+55℃
TX parameters
transmit power ≥18W Hi power
4.5-6W Lo power
Spurious RF components ≤-60dBC ≤-13dbm
Transmit SNR ≥35
modulation limit ≤2.5KHZ(N)
≤5KHZ(W)@Repeater Channel
Adjacent power ≤-65dBc ≤-60dBc
Modulation Sensitivity 5-15mV
audio pre-emphasis -3~-7@AF=500Hz -6±3@AF=500Hz
3-7@AF=2KHz 6±3@AF=2KHz
RX parameters
Receiver sensitivity ≤-122m@SINAD=12dB
audio output 3.2V-4.2V@8R SPK   3.2v-4.2v@8R SPK  @AF=1KHz.FM Devation=1.5KHZ
reception distortion ≤5.0% ≤8%
Receive SNR ≥40 ≥36
receive blocking ≥80 ≥75
co-channel rejection ≤-12
lane selectivity ≥70
audio de-emphasis 2~6@AF=500Hz 6±3@AF=500Hz
-8~-3@AF=2KHz -6±3@AF=2KHz

2 dBAntenna:

Frequency Range:462 MHz Length: 165 mm
Impedance: 50 V Diameter of Chassis:φ39.5 mm
VSWR: ≤1.5 connector: SL16-J
Gain: 2 dBi Coaxial Cable: RG-174
Polarization: Vertical Length of Cable: 5 m
Radiation: Omni
Maximum Power Input-watts: 50 W






Input Resistance




Power Capacity


Antenna Length


Antenna Diameter


Antenna Housing Material

Fibreglass Radome

Antenna weight


Antenna Connector


Spring Base Height

102mm(top plastic spacer not included)

Spring Base Material


Feeder Type






(Spring Base + Feeder) weight




Retevis RA86 Brochure

Retevis RA86 Programming Software

Retevis RA86 English Manual

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