RT97 and RB17P Long Range GMRS Radio Bundle
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RT97 and RB17P Long Range GMRS Radio Bundle

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Small base station long-distance radio system solutions for family farms, long-distance communication between two or even multiple home addresses, community public assistance systems, etc.


Retevis RT97 GMRS Repeater and RB17P GMRS walkie talkie Bundle

A complete GMRS walkie talkie with GMRS repeater bundle for long distance radio talkings, Retevis RT97 and RB17P Long Range GMRS Radio Bundle supply long talking distance for family farms, different family address and communities. Simple design, easy use, supply Clear and stable calls over long distances.

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Retevis RT97 and RB17P GMRS Walkie Talkie Bundle Features

  • Two Year Warranty
  • Over 15km Long Talking Range-The actual call distance depends on the call environment.
  • Simple use, long range, stable and clear GMRS radio bundle.
  • Retevis RB17P GMRS walkie talkie can connect to the Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater, greatly increase the calling distance, and get a long calling distance.
  • Half keyboard with display design 5W GMRS walkie talkie, large font display, very friendly to people of all ages.
  • VOX function frees your hands to improve talking efficiency.
  • CTCSS/DCS function make calls safe, and avoid signal interference.
  • 11 NOAA channels, allow you receive weather information anytime.
  • Wide and Narrow bandwidth selectable, fit for compatibility with your other radios.
  • USB charging, easy charge, more secure, and stable.
  • Retevis RB17P GMRS walkie talkie 0-9 Squelch function allows you to reduce background noise according to the usage environment when you need a better calling.
  • GMRS walkie talkie with Dual band, Dual display, Dual standby, highly improves talking efficiency, best convenient your using.
  • integrated side key fit for Scan, NOAA, VOX, 2nd PTT, Monitor,very suitable for family normal use.
  • GMRS License Required

Package Includes

Technical parameters:

General Specifications
Frequency Range GMRS: TX: 462.5500-467.7125MHz  RX:462.5500-467.7250MHz
Channel Capacity 128
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz
Antenna Impedence 50Ω
Frequency tolerance ≤2.5×10-6
Working Voltage 7.4V DC
Battery capacity 2200mAh(Li-ion)
Size 120(H)*58(W)*39(D)mm
Operating temperature -30~+60°C
net weight About 250g
Output Power 5W/0.5W
Carrier Frequency Tolerance ≤2.5×10-6
Modulation Mode 11K0F3E
Modulation Limiting ±2.5K
Modulation Distortion ≤5%
Audio Response +1/-3 dB
FM Hum & Noise <-35 dB
Transmit spurious emission ≤-36dBm@9kHz~1GHz≤-30dBm@1GHz~12.75GHz  
Adjacent Channel Power >60dB
Squelch Sensitivity ≤0.22 μV
Audio Power 1W@16Ω
Audio Distortion <5%
FM Hum & Noise <-38dB
Inter-modulation response immunity ≥65dB
Adjacent channel selectivity ≥60dB
Co-Channel inhibition ≥-12dB
Spurious Response Immunity ≥70dB
Blocking ≥85dB

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