HA1G 5W NOAA GMRS Two Way Radio(10 PACK/20 PACK)
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HA1G 5W NOAA GMRS Two Way Radio(10 PACK/20 PACK)

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*IP67 waterproof and dustproof
*NOAA weather warning
*2800mAh large capacity battery
*Supports TYPE-C charging
*Dual frequency display VHF-UHF
*SOS alarm function to ensure safety
*Suitable for team use, such as farms, adventures, off-roading, security, schools, properties, etc.

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HA1G 5W NOAA GMRS Two Way Radio 10 PACK -20 PACK

The Retevis HA1G GMRS two-way radio is the ideal two-way radio for amateurs. It has IP67 waterproof and dustproof, NOAA weather warning, 2800mAh large-capacity battery, supports TYPE-C charging, dual-frequency display VHF-UHF, SOS alarm function and other functions. The large number of combinations is perfect for team use. Such as farming, adventure, mountain climbing, off-roading, camping, etc.

GMRS radio
Contains 22 GMRS channels for strong compatibility with other walkie-talkies; 8 repeater channels to extend the range by connecting to a base station.
Convenient charging
A standard Type-C charging port and a charging base with USB C charging port; two charging methods bring convenience to charging the walkie-talkie.
2800mAh battery
Long service life; effectively supports long-term use of 2-channel radios without frequent charging.
clear sound
Amateur radio with squelch and microphone gain; eliminates ambient noise; improves sound quality; ensures clear communication.
NOAA Weather Alerts
12 NOAA channels; get the latest weather information; adjust plans as needed.
Backlight brightness adjustable
15 levels of brightness adjustable; you can easily check the intercom information during the day and night.

gmrs two way radio

Retevis RB17P GMRS Handheld Radio Features

● 30 GMRS Channels 
● Up to 250 Custom Channels 
● 136-174 MHz/400-480 MHz Receive Only 
● NOAA weather Channels 
● NOAA weather alerts 
● FM Radio 
● Standard CTCSS/DCS Tones 
● Support Splitting CTCSS/DCS Tone 
● Selectable High/Low TX Power 
● Channel Scan/Priority Scan 
● Selectable Wide/Narrow Bandwidth 
● 1.77 Color Backlight LCD Dual Display 
● Channel Name, Number or Frequency Display 
● Backlight Keypad 
● Busy Channel Lockout 
● Low Battery Alert 
● 2 Programmable Function Keys 
● IP67 Waterproof 
● 2800mAh
●Type-C Charging battery
●Require GMRS certification

Package Includes

  • 10/20X HA1G Radio Body
  • 10/20X 2800mAh Battery
  • 10/20X USB-C Charging cable
  • 1X program cable for HA1G
  • 1X User Manual 


Adjacent Channel Power:

Wide band:≤-65dBc;


CTCSS/CDCSS Modulation

Wide band:0.75KHz±0.1KHz ;Narrowband:0.4KHz±0.1KHz

Audio Distortion


Modulation Sensitivity


Maximum Frequency Deviation

Wide band:≤5KHz ;


Spurious Power


Modulation Mode

Wide band:16KφF3E ;


Transmit Current


Pre-emphasis Character

6dB/every time the frequency will increase



Wide band:-123dBm;


Voice Output Power


Audio Distortion




Inter modulation

Wideband: ≥65dBc ;

 Narrowband: ≥60dBc

Adjacent Channel Selection:

Wideband: ≥65dBc ;

 Narrowband: ≥60dBc

Spurious Power


Spurious Rejection


Receiving Current


<div class="group_con">
<h3><strong>Retevis HA1G Programming Software</strong></h3>
<div class="line_h"></div>
<div class="down_bg1"><a href="/Assets/files/20231019/1451430350/HA1G-SOFTWARE-V1.0.23.807.ZIP" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> <span class="font10">※&nbsp;</span>HA1G Programming Software| ZIP</a>
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<div class="group_con">
<h3><strong>Retevis HA1G English Manual</strong></h3>
<div class="line_h"></div>
<div class="down_bg1"><a href="/Assets/files/20231019/1452405020/HA1G-ENGLISH-MANUAL.PDF" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> <span class="font10">※&nbsp;</span>HA1G English Manual | PDF</a>
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<div class="group_con">
<h3><strong>Retevis HA1G Driver</strong></h3>
<div class="line_h"></div>
<div class="down_bg1"><a href="/Assets/files/20231019/1451584683/USB-DRIVER-2303TA.ZIP" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> <span class="font10">※&nbsp;</span>HA1G Driver--For the old version of the programming cable; Not support WIN 11 System. NOTE: If you plug in the programming cable to the computer, and it shows &ldquo;Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM6)&rdquo; in device manager, then your cable is an old version.| ZIP</a>
<div class="line_g"></div>
<div class="group_con">
<h3><strong>Retevis HA1G WIN11-USB-Driver</strong></h3>
<div class="line_h"></div>
<div class="down_bg1"><a href="/Assets/files/20231019/1452242026/WIN11-USB-DRIVER.ZIP" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> <span class="font10">※&nbsp;</span>HA1G For the new version of the programming cable; Support WIN 11 System. NOTE: If you plug in the programming cable to the computer, and it shows &ldquo;USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM4)&rdquo; in device manager, then your cable is a new version.| ZIP</a>
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