RT97 Repeater Bundles
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RT97 Repeater Bundles

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*RT97 Mini Compact Repeater  (GMRS/TX: 462.5500/RX:467.5500)

*MA01 High Gain Base station antenna-3.5dBi (VHF)/4dBi (UHF) 

*15 meters 50-3 Pure Copper Low Loss Coaxial Extend Cable

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Retevis RT97 Compact Repeater Bundles

This Retevis RT97 repeater bundle is a complete base station bundle, it includes a 10W Retevis RT97 mini compact repeater, MA01 high gain antenna, and 15 meters 50-3 pure copper low loss coaxial extension cable, you can use it to extend your handheld and mobile radio  talking range.


Retevis RT97 Mini and Compact repeater

Retevis RT97 repeater size is only 310x283x170mm, the net weight is only 1.66kg, it is very mini and compact, convenient to carry, make it very useful for outdoor use and build mini base stations to extend your radio talking range.

High power repeater bundle

The Retevis RT97 repeater Rated output power is 10W, it is the best selling repeaters in the market, can double your radio talking range.

MA01 high agin Antenna

This Retevis RT97 bundle with MA01 antenna is fit for the Retevis RT97 repeaters, this ma01 high gain antenna can best match the Retevis RT97repeater, help you get the best base station expansion effect.

Super Gainer Low loss feeder cable

This Retevis RT97 GMRS repeater with 15 meters 50-3 pure copper cable, can best minimize signal attenuation during transmission, 

Multi charging methods to support multi-scenario use

This Retevis RT97 Repeater includes DC12V~24V power charger cable and car charger cable, you can use the car charger cable for mobile place and outdoor, like at taxis, trucks, outdoor car trips, fleet, to help your radio get a longer calling distance; The Direct charger cable helps you charge in buildings, farms, hotels, photography, mountain top, and many other fixed places, Retevis RT97 repeater support 7/24 working.

LCD display Repeater

Retevis RT97 repeater with LCD display, the display can help you know the TX and RX frequencies, CTCSS/DCS code, bandwidth settings easily, there also have Up and down keys, which can help you change channels and CTCSS/DCS tones without computer programming, which is very convenient for outdoor use. You can also use the key to lock/unlock the keypad.

A complete repeater solution kit, no need for other accessories.

The 50-3 feeder cable can connect the Retevis RT97repeater and the MA01 antenna directly to help you build your own base station, easy install, no need other accessories, which is very convenient. 

Package Include:

  • 1 x Retevis RT97 Compact Repeater
  • 1 x Programming Cable
  • 1 x 15m 50-3 low loss Extend Cable
  • 1 x MA01 Antenna

Retevis RT97 Programming Software

Retevis RT97 English Manual

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